Opera Developer 20.0.1380.1

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News del 13 Gennaio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 20.0.1380.1
Note di rilascio:

Hello everyone,

My name is Radek, I am a Mac Product Tester in Opera’s Wroclaw office. I started working in Opera in December last year.

We have another developer update for you today. This release includes some fixes for Opera menu, bookmark bar, tabs and Discover. Please see the changelog for the full list.

The network installer for Windows is exactly the same as last time. It will, however, download the latest version.

Let us know if you find any problems. Good luck with testing Opera Developer. :)


Big Speed Dial thumbnails are turned on by default
Known Issues

Extension pop-out windows are blank on Windows
List of recently closed tabs is always empty


CHR-1613 [MemUsage] Use SharedBuffer::getSomeData for JPEG input buffering
DNA-13768 [Win] Navigation buttons should be shown on the left side of the window in RTL
DNA-15087 crash in OperaMainDelegate::InitializeResourceBundle
DNA-15192 With one or few tabs, impossible to drag and drop an item on the right side of + (tab bar)
DNA-15197 Extensions nativeMessaging API crashes the renderer
DNA-15209 Dragging rightmost bookmark onto expander button in bookmark bar has unexpected outcome.
DNA-15230 It’s possible to drop URL on opera menu
DNA-15270 Clean up NSString conversion usage
DNA-15280 [Windows] Inline installation dialog for extensions should have ‘Install’ instead of ‘Add’ button
DNA-15284 Localized Yahoo SD entry should be used in Germany
DNA-15304 Extensions-related issues introduced by CHR-1746
DNA-15311 DCHECK in ContentSettingsHandler: Trying to read an unregistered pref: settings.privacy.drm_enabled
DNA-15312 Revert string changes for pages showing broken padlock icon.
DNA-15334 Turn “Use big Speed Dial thumbnails” on by default
DNA-15340 String for “Preload Discover content when needed”
DNA-15348 [Win] Network Installer: failing download with flag –internal-error
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