Opera Developer 20.0.1346.0

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News del 12 Dicembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 20.0.1346.0
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Been a while since I made a blog post, so I have something special for you today. Opera 20 goes to developer stream today. As you may know, the developer stream is where we try things out; some of them don’t make it to the Opera Next stream, others do, depending on their stability and general bugginess, so thanks in advance for trying them out and for your bug reports.

Opera 20 developer is available for Windows and Mac.


Extensions chrome.downloads API (DNA-13993)
Drag tabs onto the bookmarks bar (DNA-12485)
Confirm exit when using Command–Q (DNA-12338) (Mac only)
Improved stash screenshots (DNA-13588). No more blurry scaled snapshots, hopefully (NB: we haven’t tested every URL on the Web)
Improved drag and drop between Speed Dial and Bookmarks Bar (DNA-12723)
Performance improvements of theme loading (DNA-12816)
Settings | Advanced: Use smaller speed dial thumbnails (DNA-12781)
Settings | Power-user: Width and Height of speed dial thumbnails (DNA-12781)



Update chromium to 1700.19.
DNA-7922 SD edit dialog wrong position after search
DNA-11154 start page renderer crash on windows
DNA-12784 Disabling extension should close all background dialogs
DNA-12970 [Mac] Opera Next crashes after downloading an update
DNA-13103 + Add Page is not visible when long QAB list
DNA-13427 view-source of popup opens in same window (without a tabbing interface)
DNA-13440 Crash in opera::NotificationDelegate::SetResult
DNA-13451 CookieHeaderTest.testHeaderCookiesetTestAfterRestart from cookie_test fails on Mac
DNA-13513 Crash in >TemplateURLService::NotifyTemplateURLChanged
DNA-13516 Tab is not transformed back to normal drag tab after dragging on QAB and dragging back
DNA-13552 Change Chromium terminology to Opera terminology in Opera 19
DNA-13574 Fix IDS_THEMES strings for Opera 19
DNA-13603 When dragging a Bookmark out of the Bookmarks Bar it does not always return to its original position
DNA-13609 Some Speed Dial extensions don’t draw their thumbnails on installation
DNA-13621 Read-only popup windows should not display sliding toolbars
DNA-13631 Mark IDS_EXTENSION_PERMISSION_LINE as translateable=”false”
DNA-13632 Mark IDS_FLAGS strings as translateable=”false”
DNA-13704 Extension icon unittests fail on Goth
DNA-13734 Close icon on tab freezes on hover state after hovering it while holding link
DNA-13735 There should be no shrink animation if Speed Dial tab is dragged over bookmark bar
DNA-13782 [Mac] Dragging a URL from one window to QAB in another window opens dialog in the first window
DNA-13787 Opera crashes when clicking item from context menu of extension popup
DNA-13793 Miscellaneous string fixes for Opera 19
DNA-13795 Opera crashes when adding bookmark directly into expander on last position
DNA-13825 Block the “What’s new?” welcome page on upgrade
DNA-13836 Fix IDS_EXTENSIONS strings for Opera 19
DNA-13849 Clean up dragging cancelling in bookmarks bar
DNA-13850 Fix a memory leak in QuickAccessBarController
DNA-13859 Right-clicking on the URL bar doesn’t restore full URL for selecting (as left-click does)
DNA-13870 Mac – Read-only popup windows should not display sliding toolbars
DNA-13881 start page renedere crashes – fix mistake when reverting commit
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