Opera Developer 19.0.1326.0

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News del 23 Novembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 19.0.1326.0
Note di rilascio:

Hello from Warsaw,

Winter still haven’t found it’s way to Poland but let’s not forget – it is coming.

We’re happy to bring You the newest version of our Opera 19 Developer. I have the pleasure of announcing that this is the last update of 19th version, You can already get excited about what is waiting just around the corner.


DNA-7733 Opera Stash Extensions API
DNA-8518 “Save as…” doubles or triples downloaded files extension of *.tar.bz2 files
DNA-9223 Mac crashlogs pointing to non-included libraries
DNA-10877 Discover menus are not converted to RTL
DNA-11835 Focus is not in the Address Field after opening new window
DNA-12828 “Create search engine” dialog does not save encoding
DNA-13015 crash in Opera when using CobraLDTP
DNA-13025 Ctrl+F1, Ctrl+F2 does not switch tabs when dialog is opened and defocused
DNA-13152 Memory write access exception in crash logger
DNA-13312 [Win] The animation after dragging to QAB leaves a 1px high line
DNA-13334 [ua] [el] Multiple media access dialog buttons are clipped
DNA-13366 Opera detects Windows 8.1 as Windows 8 in opera://about page
DNA-13395 Focusing address field with mouse may end up with not selecting the whole content of address field.
DNA-13428 Dragging tab to QAB changes tab’s position on tab bar
DNA-13440 Crash in opera::NotificationDelegate::SetResult
DNA-13464 Crash when pasting stuff in address bar
DNA-13502 Fix IDS_TASK_MANAGER strings for Opera 19
DNA-13509 [Windows] JS dialogs block only window from which they were opened
DNA-13545 WP1 for DNA-13511: Import open tabs from IE
DNA-13549 CLONE – (Mac) Middle-click on in-folder item on Bookmarks bar should not close the folder
DNA-13551 SpeedDial Filter field does not support RTL
DNA-13561 Space at the beginning of URL in the address field causes to perform search
DNA-13562 Hide inline installation behind feature flag
DNA-13563 Pasting part of URL to Address Field changes protocol
DNA-13566 WP1 for DNA-13510: Import open tabs from Safari
DNA-13576 No lousy abbreviations: “Statistics” and “KB”
DNA-13579 Rewrite “super user permission enabling rights”
DNA-13586 Can’t create a theme with webp image by right-clicking an image
DNA-13589 Netinstall: network installer doesn’t support command line arg “language”
DNA-13591 RTL layout of the SpeedDial and Discover tiles
DNA-13606 [Mac] Add accessability name to blacklisting and inline installation dialogs
DNA-13622 Cleanning up more redundant headers found by iwyu
DNA-13655 [Mac 10.6] NSCFString leaking
DNA-13664 Fix chromium after FocusManager changes
DNA-13671 Opera should override forced Win 8.1 scaling when HiDPI support is off
DNA-13673 Opera crashes when extension attempts to open javascript dialog from background page
DNA-13675 [Mac] Can’t drag a QAB folder item into expanded list
DNA-13681 Debug Crash in StatsTabHelper::SetCurrentContext
DNA-13729 Assert on start after last intake due to unsynced views framework
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