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News del 13 Ottobre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 18.0.1284.2
Note di rilascio:

Hi all! Next week I´m traveling to Russia to enjoy the golden autumn and stuff. Opera 18 is still in Developer stream, but will move to Next stream next week. Let´s see if guys and girls here can manage it without me


Update chromium to 1650.4Tons of bugfixes
Known issueBlack page instead of a website is sometimes shown

Full Changelog:

DNA-8851    Js prompt second argument should set value not placeholder
DNA-9706    Make sync login page keyboard accessible
DNA-10939   Search engine changes back to google when search phrases are deleted
DNA-11092   Copying address field doesn´t copy protocol with "Views text field" feature enabled
DNA-11093   Incorrect badge is displayed when user clicks in the area around the left badge icons
DNA-11210   [Windows] White (was black) screen after restart.
DNA-11211   [Windows] Implement system menu.
DNA-11213   [Windows] The browser window should look native.
DNA-11218   [Windows] Notifications crash Opera
DNA-11272   [Windows] Status bar doesn´t appear
DNA-11368   Crash when searching on nonexisting tab
DNA-11463   Crash logs with multiple threads are too big
DNA-11482   “Create custom search engine” should not be in the context menu for the search fields on Speed Dial
DNA-11487   Ugly golden border appearing when clicking "continue" on a sync page
DNA-11518   Do not redraw extension icons in manger while opening browserAction popup
DNA-11520   [Mac] Developer window opened for popup of browser/page action should be brought in front
DNA-11603   If CtrlD is pressed too quickly after changing URL, bookmark is added with new URL but old title
DNA-11622   There is a free space between tabs and Address Bar when HiDPI settings are used
DNA-11649   [Windows] Opening OMenu crashes Opera
DNA-11656   “Create Custom Search Engine” dialog does not work with IDNs
DNA-11671   Site favicon is not shown when adding the page by dragging badge of site to the QAB
DNA-11682   Enable extension APIs for Opera 18
DNA-11703   Extensions in Opera have tabs ´highlighted´ property as ´true´
DNA-11708   set zoom (of page) in preferences dont´ have an affect when switching in private mode
DNA-11710   The horizontal blue QAB line on folder should have full length of folder when Windows Classic theme is set
DNA-11730   CAT: Crash in opera::AddressDropDownView::IsOpen
DNA-11739   chrome://favicon permission doesn´t work in Opera
DNA-11764   Search engine added automatically after performing search in some sites
DNA-11771   [Mac] QAB - Not possible to drag from one folder to another
DNA-11772   [Mac] QAB - Tooltips pop up while dragging
DNA-11773   [Mac] Links cannot be dragged directly to folders
DNA-11775    [Mac] QAB - Drop indicator in folder gets clipped
DNA-11776   [Mac] QAB - When dragging a subfolder the ´>´ marker is included in the dragged image
DNA-11778   [Mac] QAB - Dragging a sub folder into itself should cause it to close (collapse)
DNA-11779   [Mac] QAB - Dropping an item does not close the folder window.
DNA-11781   Bookmark/folder becomes transparent while dragging it on Windows Classic Theme
DNA-11786   Ellipses and not fading for QAB items with long names
DNA-11790   Ctrl + D edits bookmark after importing even when bookmark was not converted to be shown on QAB
DNA-11791   QAB folders are too evasive
DNA-11795   Change Chrome to Opera in storage API error messages
DNA-11796   [Mac] QAB Cannot drag an item to the far right without first hovering the rightmost item
DNA-11797   [Mac] Items should have a drag threshold when pulled off the QAB
DNA-11798   New QAB items should not animate in from the left
DNA-11799   Integrate popup blocker with Mac UI
DNA-11802   [Mac] QAB Dragging an item to the bottom of a folder with many entries shows delete cloud
DNA-11805   "Folder" should be focused and shown when making a new folder on QAB
DNA-11809   Clean up unnecessary platform files in desktop_common and/or replace with stub
DNA-11812   Speed Dial extensions not working after starting with crashed opera:startpage
DNA-11815   There is no animation when removing QAB item
DNA-11816   Graphical polishing of Folder Name input in Edit dialog
DNA-11820   Can´t remove custom search engine which wasn´t created
DNA-11827   Use OS highlight color for the drop target marker in QAB menus
DNA-11833   Unable to drag favicon and drop on the folder in QAB
DNA-11834   Some badges are horizontally streched in the Address Bar
DNA-11837   Ellipses are still shown when dragging an item instead of fade out
DNA-11840   After dragging a badge or link on QAB and changing it´s name on Add dialog, change is not made
DNA-11851   Moving an item from 1st level QAB folder to 2nd level empty folder is impossible
DNA-11853   Allow forcing single profile mode at compile time to make webui developing easier
DNA-11854   ´Folder name´ input field is visible on Add dialog in QAB
DNA-11855   Clicking a combobox for the 2nd time in dialog makes the dropdown redrawn instead of closing it
DNA-11945   sync.GetSyncStatus() doesn´t return proper status
DNA-11946   [Mac] QAB - Favicons are not displayed the first time a menu opens
DNA-11950   [bg] Missing translation for Discover
DNA-11970   Folder list is closed when hovering with bookmark over a folder for a few seconds
DNA-11977   Update the default extension icon
DNA-11979   [Mac] QAB folders stays open unless you click them
DNA-11983   QAB Dragging a folder item to the bar sometimes creates a doppelganger
DNA-11986   [Mac] QAB Strange animations when moving stuff to the far right
DNA-11987   [Mac] QAB Default Folder name should be "Folder" without quotes
DNA-11988   [Mac] QAB - Folder menu flickers when moving drag out of menu
DNA-11991   Folder name is too narrow when Folder has a long name but it is empty
DNA-11992   Crash when dropping QAB bookmark on a folder while quickly moving mouse horizontally.
DNA-11994   Pageholder icon is not visible when moving and item around QAB
DNA-11995   Text does not get selected when focusing NativeTextfieldViews
DNA-11997   Extension permission dialog should use extension icon
DNA-12000   Crash on content::WebContentsImpl::NavigateToPendingEntry
DNA-12001   [Mac] The default QAB favicon should darken
DNA-12002   Change string in browser/page action context menu
DNA-12005   [Mac] Unneeded line breaks in the QAB after a ?
DNA-12008   Abstract UI notifications from SyncService properly
DNA-12010   After moving an item on QAB it only takes 1px move to move it back
DNA-12012   There is no tooltip when bookmarks Name field is empty
DNA-12023   2 target lines below "Add page" in a folder
DNA-12026   [Mac] QAB drag and drop reordering broke
DNA-12029   Visual changes to address bar WP1
DNA-12030   Unify highlighting of extensions after navigating to opera:extensions through UI actions
DNA-12031   Speed dial search engine is set incorrectly
DNA-12032   Opera crashes when dragging last tab with pageAction extension installed
DNA-12044   Binding in scrollbarHandler.js
DNA-12053   Morocco speed dial content is ignored
DNA-12057   Crash in opera::BrowserWindow::IsQuickAccessBarVisible
DNA-12063   [Mac] QAB scroll arrows point left and right instead of up and down
DNA-12066   CAT: Crash in -[PageActionCollectionView updateLayout]
DNA-12069   New fix for DNA-11995: Copied address field text includes protocol.
DNA-12072   Initialize qab collection before other imported bookmarks collections
DNA-12080   [Mac] QAB item´s icon stays dark after releasing mouse click
DNA-12089   [Mac] Some dialogs (e.g. QAB add folder) are disconnected from the toolbar
DNA-12091   There should NOT be a Folder Name input field when editing bookmark
DNA-12094   Animation does not correctly when draggin from outside of QAB.
DNA-12097   [RTL] Strange scrollbar space on right side
DNA-12100   [QAB] Moving items to a folder causes them to reappear on the QAB
DNA-12103   Badge does not reset after clicking Esc in addressfield.
DNA-12116   First suggestion will sometimes show selected icon when it is supposed to show the unselected one.
DNA-12122   "saved sessions" in bookmark importer are misslocated
DNA-12124   bookmark-importer should handle duplicates better
DNA-12128   Make icon stretch to badge button size (in HiDPI mode).
DNA-12131   It is possible to highlight ´Add page´ on Speed Dial using keyboard
DNA-12133   Crash when canceling when updater asks for user password
DNA-12169   Context Menu for Quick Access Bar is wrong
DNA-12174   Dragging an item into a folder sometimes closes it on Retina-displays
DNA-12177   Initialize badge::Badge members
DNA-12178   [Mac] QAB If you have a folder open and hover another folder it should open
DNA-12181   Fix memory leaks in session code
DNA-12203   [Mac] QAB folders open when mouse hovers over
DNA-12213   [Mac] QAB When dragging an item into a folder from the left, the context menu is left on its own
DNA-12216   [Mac] QAB - Scroll timer is never removed. Scroll speed in bookmark folders will increase over time
DNA-12222   [Win] Opera crashes when trying to show Unknown Protocol dialog
DNA-12223   Caret is at the beggning of Address Field when pasting
DNA-12225   Crash in badge::Badge::Update
DNA-12090 Items collapse when dragging an item from the bar into a folder.
DNA-11998 Fix Swedish translation issues
DNA-11948 There is no border around when dragging a QAB item 
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