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News del 02 Ottobre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 18.0.1277.0
Note di rilascio:

Hello! Today I have a brand new Opera Developer build. This time, the most important changes are to the Quick Access Bar feature, which received tons of fixes and improvements. You can now find Quick Access Bar in Opera Settings (under "User interface").

There is also a chromium update and a pretty nice UI improvement to our search engine manager. Share your opinions in a comment, we are very happy for all your feedback!

Update chromium to 1632.7
Improved search engine manager
"Quick Access Bar" feature is available

Full Changelog:

CHR-883     Add a download button to <video controls>
CHR-1395    Combobox item should have possibility of having optional icon and indentation.
DNA-10014   Translate strings for Opera 17
DNA-10226   Add a "Privacy" link in the sync login screen to show a page which explains which kind of data we are storing on the server.
DNA-10601   Use labels ´Leave page/ Stay on page´ for beforeunload event confirmation dialog buttons
DNA-10718   beforeunload handler does not run when browser is closed with keyboard shortcuts
DNA-10745   QAB breaks dialog position
DNA-10827   Search engine keyword[space] doesn´t trigger search if URL containing keyword already in history
DNA-11709   Impossible to drag item on specific position when folder is empty and Add Page button in folder is inactive on QAB
DNA-11074   uppercase letters shouldn´t be possible as search engine key
DNA-11335   The address bar has not the focus when opening a new tab if the developer tools are enabled
DNA-11389   Implement search engines management improvements (based on PGDSK-1466)
DNA-11413   When you restart a download, it actually opens the URL
DNA-11423   Thumbnail when dragging a tab is incorrect for internal opera pages
DNA-11433   quickly toggling stash elements crash when logged to sync
DNA-11441   Crash in ContextFeatures::urlDidChange
DNA-11474   [Mac] QAB - dragging item from QAB and pressing ESC key removes it from QAB toolbar
DNA-11478   Enable "Allow moving tabs between windows" flag by default on master
DNA-11515   Bookmark Importer should not remember what items are in SD/QAB and check it on open instead
DNA-11516   Tooltip for moved tabs stayed open away from tab
DNA-11519   [Mac] QAB - unable to scroll folder´s list when +50 items in it
DNA-11550   [Win] Opera crashes when calling JavaScript dialogs from background page
DNA-11559   Thumbnail for moved tabs doesn´t have borders
DNA-11560   Extension icon for not installed third party extensions should be in grayscale
DNA-11576   Third party extension pending installations not blacklisted
DNA-11581   [Mac] QAB Subfolders and bookmarks stays inside folder when being moved to other place
DNA-11582   sometimes browser loose a window after restart
DNA-11592   [Mac] Folder items can only be dragged to the QAB items left of dragged item
DNA-11606   There should be a Folder Name input field when editing bookmark
DNA-11615   Drag´n´drop is not allowed on expanded folder more than a level deep which is empty
DNA-11617   [Mac] QAB Dragging over a folder does not expand it
DNA-11629   Context Menu at address field should have a separator before ´Edit search engines´
DNA-11631   Ensure that content in custom_partner_content.json files does not rely on server side location detection
DNA-11636   Several issues with favicons with HiDPI support on
DNA-11642   Scrollbars shouldn´t be visible on Speed Dial extensions
DNA-11648   scrollbarHandler.js forces a synchronous layout
DNA-11661   Removing an extension favorite that has no extension triggers a CHECK.
DNA-11672   [Mac] Sort Alphabetically on QAB folder causes refreshing QAB links on toolbar
DNA-11681   Implement chrome.runtime.setUninstallUrl
DNA-11713   Remaining time shows up as "undefined" in Download Manager
DNA-11717   [Mac] QAB - CRASH while "+Add page"on folder is hovered and ENTER is pressed
DNA-11724   Themes manager: Apply correct filter when scrolling theme into view
DNA-11727   Themes manager - open with the selected theme into view
DNA-11735   [Mac] QAB Setting Appearance to Graphite does not change the menu highlight colour
DNA-11737   [Mac] QAB Hovering an item over a folder does not expand it
DNA-11748   Empty space on QAB after dropping ex-foldered item on its folder
DNA-11770   [Mac] QAB - Folder content is not updated after a drop
DNA-11777   Mouse pointer becomes Unavailable after moving a folder
DNA-11780   [Mac] QAB - Dragging a folder while there is "+Add page" menu visible freezes Opera
DNA-11782   [Mac] QAB - Dragging a subfolder away from a folder causes deleting it if dropped on first and second position
DNA-11786   Ellipses and not fading for QAB items with long names
DNA-11789   Dragging an item out of bookmark folder shows the plus (copy) icon
DNA-11814   Enable Quick Access Bar flag by default on Master
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