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News del 27 Settembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 18.0.1274.0
Note di rilascio:

Hi there! This time I am writing to you from the Warsaw office, as I have an opportunity to work closely with a part of the team that´s located in Poland´s capital. We have prepared an updated Developer build for you, containing stability improvements and lots of bugfixes. Have fun testing and thank you for your feedback so far!


Moving tabs between windows is now enabled by default
Themes manager improvements
White screen after restart fixed on Windows
Delete session.db if it is broken
Bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes

Full Changelog:

CHR-1352    NOTREACHED()  when trying to create dialog in background process
DNA-10607   Can´t save session if session.db file is broken
DNA-10743   Inconsistency in mic/cam requests in clearing settings
DNA-10816   Ctrl + Backspace in address field doesn´t work correctly after autocomplete
DNA-11098   Crash on closing tab
DNA-11138   Quick access bar can end up visible even with feature flag disabled
DNA-11142   Last added duplicate bookmark should be edited
DNA-11155   Speed Dial after migration is empty
DNA-11197   beforeunload dialog does not fully block interaction causing hangup, needing to kill the process
DNA-11201   Renderer crash page fixes [Mac]
DNA-11210   [Windows] White (was black) screen after restart.
DNA-11216   [Windows] New window crashes Opera.
DNA-11264   Show all history menu item missing shortcut
DNA-11285   Remove the drag and drop arrow indicator on the Mac
DNA-11326   Add environment variable to specify origin for crash logs
DNA-11373   [Mac] Dragging a tab from a page that has crashed will show a grayed out thumbnail
DNA-11427   Element.prototype.clean_append_tmpl should return the result of "append_tmpl"
DNA-11440   Make streaming of multiprocess browsertests and unittests possible - Windows part
DNA-11479   No header refresh when restart download item
DNA-11481   Create custom search engine should suggest shorthand keywords instead of the full-domain
DNA-11498   Geo/cam badges disappear on cancelling navigation from invalid certificate dialog
DNA-11500   Esc on geolocation request dialog denies request but does not show a badge
DNA-11522   Crash after canceling authentication
DNA-11523   Show the 3rd party extension install "shadowbox" automatically only when installing extensions with drag&drop
DNA-11554   Pop-ups blocked string does not fit in Norwegian
DNA-11561   chrome: urls redirects to opera: not working properly
DNA-11562   chrome://favicon/ URL always available to extensions
DNA-11565   Add a feature flag to enable/disable the extensions blacklisting feature
DNA-11568   PopupContextMenuModel::ActivatedAt always called with index==1
DNA-11596   QAB - folder closes when opened before favicons are loaded
DNA-11600   Missing dependency in themes.gyp
DNA-11612   Crash on exit in Badge/BadgeView class
DNA-11619   [Mac] QAB With "Full Keyboard Access" enabled the + button in folder views has focus ring
DNA-11629   Context Menu at address field should have a separator before ´Edit search engines´
DNA-11635   Removing blacklisted extensions doesn´t work
DNA-11660   QAB - it´s possible to add speeddial as bookmark by "Add page" inside folde
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