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News del 23 Settembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 18.0.1271.0
Note di rilascio:

As the autumnal equinox has passed for 2013, we have yet another Developer stream update available for testing. A number of fixes and updates... all new and ready to be checked out!

Full Changelog:

DNA-7203    Button ordering in opera://downloads
DNA-10056   Implement offroad mode API
DNA-10723   Speed Dial extensions removed after crash recovery disables extensions
DNA-11092   Copying address field doesn´t copy protocol with "Views text field" feature enabled
DNA-11195   Right click extension button, settings opens opera:extensions and highlighs the extension, but doesn´t position (scroll) the page to the extension
DNA-11258   Marge permissions descriptions if they are same to not display duplicate entries
DNA-11273   WP1 for DNA-11270 Import passwords from IE
DNA-11342   QAB: dragging on folder makes entry without moving into it
DNA-11344   QAB: DnD entries from folder to the bar sometimes crashes browser
DNA-11392   (Windows) QAB: Implement dragging animations. WP2
DNA-11395   Supply WebUI with information about blacklisted extensions
DNA-11418   [Mac 10.6] Can´t open context menu for pageAction
DNA-11429   No extension icon for not installed third party extensions
DNA-11436   Implement semi-disabling of the main appliaction update
DNA-11448   using "view source" you can open more than one singleton tab in one window
DNA-11457   Developer window opened for popup of browser/page action should be brought in front
DNA-11459   closing beforeunload dialog with Esc and reloading page crashes browser
DNA-11461   Moving tab to a window with app-modal dialog locks up browser and has to be killed
DNA-11467   V110 compilation problem: potentially uninitialized local pointer variable.
DNA-11473   Remove internal URL from sync_login_app
DNA-11476   QAB items dragged out of the bar should behave as if removed
DNA-11484   Extension manager doesn´t work
DNA-11485   Fix extension errors introduced in chromium update 1626.5
DNA-11489   Add JS binding for forcing AU even if it´s in the ´check only´ mode
DNA-11496   Crash when you add bookmark or make folder at QAB
DNA-11507   [QAB] During drag on QAB there are two instance of dragged bookmark.
DNA-11513   Bookmark Importer should not import to QAB when it´s disabled
DNA-11514   Fraud site icon is not correct when visited for the first time - Engine part WP1
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