Opera Developer 18.0.1267.0

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News del 20 Settembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 18.0.1267.0
Note di rilascio:

All our managers are away on a seminar, so we will take this opportunity to release an Opera Developer build so you can test it out. What you think about it?


Limit disk usage by saving session only when needed
QAB improvements

Full Changelog:

DNA-6579    Extension Manager WebUI broken with split incognito mode extensions
DNA-7530    Enable compositing in speeddial extensions using browser plug-in implementation as reference
DNA-7915    Save all threads in crash logs
DNA-7974    CLONE - [Mac] JavaScript confirmation dialog closes automatically when opened from extension popup
DNA-10044   Zoom value do not fit in field in OMenu when 150% DPI is used
DNA-10112   Incorrect address field on entering a javascript: URL or scheme triggering protocol handler dialog
DNA-10515   Name and URL bookmarks in Quick Access Bar do not have length limit WP2 - Mac part
DNA-10719   [RTL] Advanced shortcut of 1/2 moves contrary direction
DNA-10868   [RTL] Hovering entry at opera:history hides time
DNA-10925   [Windows] Clean up compilation of Aura build.
DNA-10964   Drag and window switching with single tab hides browser
DNA-10975   Limit disk usage by saving session only when needed - WP1
DNA-11108   closing sync login partner tab, window or just clicking "back" breaks login flow
DNA-11137   badge opens automatically on  other tabs if tab switched with an open badge in one tab
DNA-11192   Web inspector - Network tab: missing HTTP header Accept-Language in request
DNA-11226   Thumbnail is empty when dragging a tab
DNA-11234   client should handle network and server error better
DNA-11235   Drag and Drop in another screen always opens on the same screen
DNA-11253   (Windows) QAB: Implement dragging animations. WP1
DNA-11255   "Bookmark This Page..." option under folder adds bookmark, but not under the folder
DNA-11257   Implement drag and drop reordering support for QAB folder items
DNA-11263   The wording for tab switching in opera:flags is bad
DNA-11267   Second click on a badge misbehaviour
DNA-11268   Generic WebUI find in page handling
DNA-11274   [Windows] Implement context menus for folders
DNA-11280   Sync operation ordering based on <parent> and <previous> is broken
DNA-11282   crash when logout from sync
DNA-11286   Bad data in loginSuccess() is handled with blank page
DNA-11288   Crash after closing browser with find toolbar opened
DNA-11316   chrome.windows.create with params creates default window
DNA-11317   browserAction/pageAction context menu should be according to design
DNA-11318   Speed-Dial: Search-Section "jumps"
DNA-11322   Support 1 item folders
DNA-11354   Don´t rely on hardcoded URL to protect extension update and blacklist requests from being tampered with by extensions
DNA-11379   Autoupdate pipe name isn´t unique per Opera instance
DNA-11382   Changing default search engine effects in wrong colour of search tabs
DNA-11394   QAB items should animate when reordered
DNA-11417   Popups broken for extension browser/page actions
DNA-11425   QAB doesn´t always fade truncate bookmark titles
DNA-11428   Trigger install for third party extensions don´t work
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OS: Windows, OS X

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