Opera Developer 18.0.1264.0

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News del 18 Settembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 18.0.1264.0
Note di rilascio:

All of the managers are away from our offices today, so we decided to give ourselves a break and release another update to Developer stream for you! (There is no dancing.)


Update to chromium 1622.7
Lots of crashfixes
Opera menu now opens on mouse down
Option to create search engine with right click on search field

Full Changelog:

DNA-1042    Clean up, and organize extensions unittests
DNA-4110    Renderer crashes as soon as password autofilled
DNA-8177    Open a generic message event for UI actions to forward them to WebUIs
DNA-8393    No option to create search engine with right click on search field
DNA-8895    Tab hangs with large input values
DNA-9617    No messages shown at form with error
DNA-9877    UI strings update for sync
DNA-9960    Error codes for opr.syncPrivate.loginFailure - DOM.API
DNA-9976    Error codes for opr.syncPrivate.loginFailure - UI update
DNA-10044   Zoom value do not fit in field in OMenu when 150% DPI is used
DNA-10049   [WinXP] Enabling Sync shows error message at start-up
DNA-10196   Port chrome.types.* API
DNA-10372   Trimmed strings in badge geolocation callout in different languages
DNA-10556   Netinstall: installer does not resume after sleep
DNA-10663   crash on clearing camera/mic setting from badge popup
DNA-10686   Crash on MakeNavigateParams
DNA-10741   Opera Stable loses default browser status after unintall of Opera Developer
DNA-10756   Badge and address display issues - different when going to the same internal site
DNA-10848   [Mac] Separate badges WP1
DNA-10894   Fullscreen mode does not work
DNA-10895   synced stash items doesn´t have proper favicons
DNA-10925   [Windows] Clean up compilation of Aura build.
DNA-10931   syncing stash can cause floody resync-loop
DNA-10941   Opera crashes in >PasswordFormManager::OnRequestDone
DNA-10966   crash in >opera::TabDragController::MaybeStickToTargetTabStrip while dropping tab over devtools window
DNA-10977   Javascript function resizeTo does not work since switch to Blink engine
DNA-10982   JavaScript errors on the opera://extensions page
DNA-10986   Cannot change tabs with ctrl+Tab when badge is displayed
DNA-10997   Disable Save menu items (File and page context) and keyboard shortcuts for opera: protocol
DNA-11050   Denied microphone request shows disabled camera icon
DNA-11053   Opera menu does not open on mouse down
DNA-11054   Closing tabs with keyboard trigger "close with mouse" functionality
DNA-11059   Opera crashes when click on badge on secured pages
DNA-11070   opera:crash misbehaves on resizing
DNA-11099   Show ´Edit bookmark´ dialog on pressing cmd + d if the URL is already bookmarked
DNA-11109   The bookmark importer should show which bookmarks are already imported
DNA-11110   When a bookmarks is added to QAB, bookmark importer stops being greyed out
DNA-11117   QAB folders don´t behave like Mac OS X´s system menu
DNA-11126   Use chrome imports in tab capture API.
DNA-11129   Crash when exiting Opera using sync
DNA-11139   crash on clicking ´convert´ to speed dial button in bookmark importer
DNA-11140   2nd click on badge redraws the badge callout instead of closing it
DNA-11141   Opera crashes when you select Synchronise... from Main Menu
DNA-11146   Limit CHR-53 as much as possible
DNA-11149   Enable omnibox unittests
DNA-11151   Clicking on any ancestor QAB folder window hides child windows
DNA-11156   Crash on initialization of a GLContextVirtual with a TextureImageTransportSurface
DNA-11157   Updated HiDPI graphics.
DNA-11159   Option-Scroll should zoom the page
DNA-11163   Add blacklist URL to sensitive URLs and update the URL to match the server
DNA-11170   Crash on page_action click
DNA-11176   Extension checksum check fails for some bundled extensions.
DNA-11181   Hide browser.js updated notification
DNA-11184   QAB folders are missing "Add Bookmark" item on top
DNA-11204   "Add Bookmark" dialog opened by a QAB subfolder doesn´t slide in under the correct window
DNA-11207   Folder content stays open after removing parent folder
DNA-11212   Sound is played from video when it´s thumbnail is generated in stash after sync
DNA-11225   Replace QAB expander´s icon
DNA-11240   Sync items order wrong when sent to server, Added cannot be always before Modified
OPAU-129    ERROR in browser_api.BrowserAPITests.testReloadAPIs
OPAU-175    Cannot start OpAuto tests in debug builds
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