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News del 12 Settembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 18.0.1258.1
Note di rilascio:

As summer glides away to be replaced by the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, we´re releasing the first iteration of Opera 18 in the Developer channel. If you don´t notice that much differences from latest O17 dev stream, don´t worry, this is our 18 "early bird", which will be refined and enhanced until features are frozen and it moves into the Next channel for bug fixing. There is more to come!

The initial new features are

Moving tabs between windows works on Mac and Windows
Installing themes is stabilized and enabled by default
Lots of bugs are fixed: full changelog
New engine version
As we make updates, you´ll hopefully see enhancements to Quick Access Bar, tab handling, more settings, right click on edit fields to create searches, improvements on HDD usage, Synchronization (Opera Link) might be available in two weeks time, and others.

Note that features will be shipped when they´re ready, so the list above may change if we encounter showstopper bugs or UI nasties, in which case they´ll be rolled over to another release. For the same reason, it´s possible that features may be removed before Opera 18 goes to the Next channel.

There is no Linux version of Opera available yet. As always, we´ll be delighted to hear comments about bugs or UI.

Known bugs

DNA-11123 Popup sometimes fails to be displayed

Full Changelog:

Update chromium to 1612.2
CHR-1258    Promoted Windows HiDPI support checking function to public API.
DNA-5041    Add command line argument to specify the API and CDN servers of Discover
DNA-5210    view-source badge for opera: pages do not use the page badge
DNA-6313    Decide on whether to have a maximized window or properly restored window on first run
DNA-7359    Favicons disappear from Stash after clearing all private data
DNA-8282    Off-road mode should have "What is Off-road mode" page when it enabled for the first time
DNA-8315    any input from keyboard on any page is ignored after right clicking on flash content and switching tab
DNA-8990    Badge callout not aligned to the left edge of the badge/address field
DNA-9059    browser modal pop-ups looks ugly when loosing focus
DNA-9338    [mac] Implement move Tabs between Windows
DNA-9402    The baseline for strings starting with CJK characters at address field are higher
DNA-9476    Split source string "Enabled" according to context
DNA-9594    [Windows] Separate badges
DNA-9638    After a theme install, an empty floating download popup is left open
DNA-9735    Inconsistent behaviour of Recently closed menu in Opera Menu
DNA-9785    When using 150% DPI letters in address bar are not vertically centered with high DPI support enabled.
DNA-9789    Crash when stopping page while invalid certificate dialog is shown
DNA-9895    "Logged in as" should clearly show which account is used
DNA-9933    Chrome.windows.create with params width,height for type=popup doesn´t create window in proper dimensions
DNA-9979    SendMessageToExtension feature of declarative webRequest API not supported
DNA-10034   Ctrl+F1 does not work if "Find in page" bar is on display. Does not switch tabs on releasing Ctrl key.
DNA-10054   Visual glitch on the first tab in restarting Opera on Mac on 10.6
DNA-10115   Enable themes flag
DNA-10118   Default behavior of Tab key regressed
DNA-10190   Port chrome.browsingData.*
DNA-10237   Private window shows geolocation state from public window
DNA-10240   Extension popout pointer arrow now pointed at extension button
DNA-10327   UTTypeIdentifier reverse domain should be com.operasoftware not com.opera
DNA-10333   Port chrome.tabCapture.* API
DNA-10442   Expander icon should share folder onclick and hover status
DNA-10446   Send favorites to the sync server in the order of dependencies
DNA-10450   Truncated names on the QAB should be faded out, not use Ellipsis
DNA-10463   net installer does not connect with authenticated proxy
DNA-10491   Should block adding SD over dragging badge on QAB
DNA-10498   [Windows] Enable Aura code.
DNA-10529   crash on printing any page
DNA-10547   ESC doesn´t remove search keyword
DNA-10565   Synchronize search engines
DNA-10589   [QAB][Mac] Implement live update for drag and drop reordering
DNA-10595   Opera crashes on disabling extension with broken javascript dialog
DNA-10597   After creating a folder and opening new speed dial, folder lacks items
DNA-10600   Animation glitch when creating a folder
DNA-10608   Dropping tab between 2 tabs with tab preview
DNA-10611   [Mac] Opera crashes after removing bookmark from folder other than "Bookmarks bar"
DNA-10612   [Mac] Reordering items in QAB not possible on OS X 10.6
DNA-10616   Site badge changes to incorrect when moving to the tab from a tab with open badge dropdown
DNA-10625   opera://sync-login URLs are shown in address field
DNA-10662   chrome.omnibox.setDefaultSuggestion isn´t properly displayed in UI
DNA-10663   crash on clearing camera/mic setting from badge popup
DNA-10666   chrome.omnibox.setDefaultSuggestion not working when selected through search icon
DNA-10667   Closing Opera with X at first click when started with 3 Speed Dials closes 2 speed dials
DNA-10671   Fix RTL tab rendering on Windows 7 / Windows XP.
DNA-10674   Search engine icon should not be displayed in badge after restoring currently loaded URL with ESC key.
DNA-10676   [RTL] Search engine selection is reversed in arrow keys
DNA-10678   Site badge misaligned when moving to the tab from a tab with open badge dropdown
DNA-10679   Can´t change language in settings in a build that was installed with the installer
DNA-10680   [RTL] "Close tabs to the right" should be replaced in RTL language file
DNA-10682   Fix RTL detached tab rendering on Windows 8.
DNA-10683   Switching search engines in address bar dropdown doesn´t use first element as keyword
DNA-10684   Unable to add page to QAB using Cmd+D (unless address field is focused)
DNA-10688   Drag and drop target rendering in broken with RTL quick access bar
DNA-10689   Pressing <delete> doesn´t delete autocomplete text in address field.
DNA-10693   wrongfully escaped <br> tag on congratulation sync page
DNA-10700   [Windows] Support for various DPI settings - bugfixing WP1
DNA-10709   multiple auth dialogs from same page for different domains are not queued
DNA-10711   crash on switching tabs with auth dialogs from same domain open in two or more tabs
DNA-10720   [Mac] Typing in the address bar alters the order of history suggestions
DNA-10721   Source view address bar does not display view-source  URLs
DNA-10724   Update titles for Booking.com SD entries and Rambler favicon
DNA-10726   Implement a gentler crash-loop recovery policy
DNA-10727   Autocomplete reoccurs after deletion and switching tabs
DNA-10732   Prevent Streams from mixing during autoupdate
DNA-10735   Print Python version info only when needed
DNA-10739   Synchronize log-in state across all Sync WebUI instances
DNA-10744   Synchronize search engines WP1
DNA-10746   Focused pinned tab opens as unpinned after restart
DNA-10747   Enable rocker gesture flag by default on master
DNA-10748   "Close Other Tabs" handles pinned tabs badly
DNA-10749   Default chrome.omnibox suggestion markup broken when using %s
DNA-10750   Add "Keyboard Shortcuts" to Help menu (Mac only)
DNA-10751   End of tab line disappears when moving tab away to different window
DNA-10755   Use WEBP images in Discover
DNA-10758   Enable media capture flag by default on Master
DNA-10760   SuggestionBox is hidden below dialog on site
DNA-10764   Add browsertests to packit_test_lister.py
DNA-10801   Some opera:flags strings are still not marked as translateable="false"
DNA-10811   Long title fading out in tab is incorrect with RTL ui
DNA-10814   Fix netinstaller package name
DNA-10824   Drag and drop tab around address bar might be tricky
DNA-10831   Set default position in themes.onSetTheme(...)
DNA-10832   [Mac] Add dialog is blocked while you keep trying to add bookmarks to QAB after expander icon appeared
DNA-10835   Environmental switch for disabling autoupdate
DNA-10841   g and space added before pasted URL to address field
DNA-10843   Create browsertests with opening several windows (including incognito) and closing application with several windows opened
DNA-10845   theme install regression
DNA-10847   Extension pages don´t allow extension API in loaded iframes
DNA-10853   Extensions implmentation should use chrome_imports mechanisms to reduce intake workload
DNA-10873   [RTL] Download icon is shown in the middle of download progress bar
DNA-10890   Opera crashes on update of migrated extensions
DNA-10891   Opera crashes on removing migrated extensions
DNA-10908   Badge popup anchors to center of the badge instead of the left edge
DNA-10911   Text should be highlighted when adding an item to the QaB
DNA-10919   session.db file never shrinks
DNA-10920   "Clear Browser Cache" in undocked Web Inspector crashes Opera
DNA-10926   Incognito "split" mode: opening new Private window should create background_page for incognito
DNA-10935   Add ability to update to Badge class
DNA-10947   [Mac] Cannot press any button on geolocation and media request dialog
DNA-10949   Camera and mic icon should never show at the same time
DNA-10951   "Sign in" instead of "Log in"
DNA-10955   When dragging to move a window with one tab, hid it
DNA-10972   Errors in logs on installation of extension using omnibox API
DNA-10976   [Mac] Automatic resizing with mouse over tab close button fails when pinned tabs are present
DNA-10978   Basic Quick Access folder support
DNA-10981   SearchProvider and OpenTabsSuggestionProvider sometimes calls its callback synchronously which triggers DCHECK
DNA-10984   Remove dependency on CHR-53 for extensions
DNA-11052   Extension permision button style fix
DNA-11055   Cannot drag away when one window with one tab onlyDNA-11056   Thumbnail blinks in primary monitor down left corner when window is hidden from second monitor
DNA-11059   Opera crashes when click on badge on secured pages
DNA-11062   QAB folders doesn´t grow to the right
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