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News del 31 Agosto 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 17.0.1246.0
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Hello everyone!

This is my first time writing on the desktop team blog, though you might have seen me trolling the intarwebs and replying to people on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Often I´m named simply "Opera" though, so might be hard to spot  We also seem to always talk about the beautiful weather, even though we´re all inside. So, yes, it´s sunny and warm. Outside.

Today we have a new Developer build! It´s not very long time since the last one, but there´s quite a lot in it already. 17 is however branched off at 1246 and should be feature frozen now. My guess is that this version (1246, that is) will be promoted to Next after a stabilizing run. So this might be the last Developer build of 17.



Update to chromium 1599.14
Some langugage settings
Some font settings!
Lots of small Quick Access Bar improvements
Lots of bugfixes


CHR-255     Scale to device scale factor if double tap would barely zoom in from zoomed out state.
CHR-1115    Integrate DirectFB compositor code into master
CHR-1170    Adjust WebContentsModalDialogManager to our needs.
CHR-1214    [uz] Uzbek language file is not included
CHR-1215    Getting zoom level while dialog pauses navigation.
CHR-1216    Load custom Opera data packs in HiDPI mode.
CHR-1227    Clip pixel references before adding to pictures
CHR-1229    remove unused header from content/common/sandbox_seccomp_bpf_linux.cc
CHR-1244    Fix return-value from Array.push stub pushing non-SMI value
DNA-1514    Make desktopcommonnetpref_proxy_config_tracker_impl_unittest.cc run and pass
DNA-1986    Implement minimum font settings
DNA-6248    Ctrl + Shift + Del should show delete private data dialog
DNA-6764    Paused download progress on the taskbar should show its status
DNA-6772    Alt should open OMenu even if the focus is at address field
DNA-7716    [Win8] Fullscreen mode (F11) makes Windows´ task bar inaccessible
DNA-7829    With two screens, popups always opens on main screen
DNA-8315    any input from keyboard on any page is ignored after right clicking on flash content and switching tab
DNA-9030    Gelocation data not deleted on clearing browser data
DNA-9045    Settings for UI language, Dictionaries and Accept Language headers
DNA-9062    Geolocation and Camera/Microphone dialogs disappears without user taking any action
DNA-9112    I´m able to open more than one sync login page
DNA-9440    onbeforeunload event does not fire when closing tab or window
DNA-9512    CLONE - Find Next via Enter doesn´t work after switching tabs
DNA-9537    opauto´s syncNow() doesn´t seems to force sync
DNA-9579    Stacking overlapping certificate / geolocation dialogs and persistent certificate dialog
DNA-9594    [Windows] Separate badges
DNA-9735    Inconsistent behaviour of Recently closed menu in Opera Menu
DNA-9899    Search engine changes to google when dropdown is hidden with ESC
DNA-9904    Omnibox extension icon not displayed in UI
DNA-9932    Don´t allow extension open crash-pages
DNA-9953    When moving items on QAB to 1st position different indicator is used
DNA-10022   in 17 rightclick not show rightclick-menu in new tab
DNA-10036   Don´t use innerHTML for strings which are returned by a server
DNA-10050   Hash packs instead of signing
DNA-10108   The site name should be displayed as a title on Turbo badge
DNA-10111   Tooltip for Start Page should use both capital letters
DNA-10121   Add safe switch to get UI button "sync now" and switch to custom URL server
DNA-10138   [win] Implement move Tabs between Windows WP4
DNA-10145   After opening add folder/add bookmark dialog focus is not set in dialog input field
DNA-10159   Errors and assertion when uninstalling any at least once enabled extension.
DNA-10165   Show ´Edit bookmark´ dialog on pressing ctrl + d if the URL is already bookmarked
DNA-10186   Crashes on camera request when no camera connected
DNA-10191   Port chrome.contentSettings.* API
DNA-10195   Port chrome.pageCapture.* API
DNA-10215   OMenu button is larger with hdpi build
DNA-10233   Fix browser_extensions_browsertests and desktop_common_browsertests
DNA-10239   Cannot dismiss geolocation EULA dialog with ESC
DNA-10340   Initial Quick Access folder support
DNA-10354   Block ctrl + d on speed dial and other "not to be added as bookmark" pages
DNA-10359   Trimmed username and server message strings in Auth dialog with different languages
DNA-10374   Move overflow code to collection view
DNA-10375   [uz] Uzbek language file is not included
DNA-10377   Enable FavoriteCollectionView by default and remove favorites-view-implementation runtime flag
DNA-10394   speed dials item cannot be dragged after a while when there is zero element folder
DNA-10398   [Win] QAB UI needs fixing WP1
DNA-10399   Uninstall survey WP1
DNA-10406   Items in Quick Access Bar folder cannot be opened using middle mouse click
DNA-10409   Subfolders do not have Add Page button
DNA-10413   Crash occurs if site is added to Quick Access Bar expander list before it´s icon is loaded
DNA-10422   All of the ´Open...´ options in contextual menu do not work for Quick Access Bar items
DNA-10424   unable to drag bookmark into an empty folder
DNA-10430   Opera crashes after losing focus with popup window
DNA-10433   Rocker gestures still get stuck on some Mac´s
DNA-10435   When there is no focus in Address Bar and user drops a bookmark in address bar suggestion box
DNA-10436   Crash on "All Cookies and Site Data..." on settings page
DNA-10439   Alt+Z in dialog box causes the input field to be cleared and "ż" letter is the only one shown
DNA-10441   desktop client asks about stash merge every request
DNA-10448   Fix compilation of sync_cli after DNA-9363
DNA-10449   Dragging items along the length of the QAB can cause them to be deleted
DNA-10451   Two context menus in SD
DNA-10457   Improve net installer error handling and allow to recover from lost connection
DNA-10461   Fix Opera 16 source release build on Mac
DNA-10490   The left space between + and the description of QAB is too close
DNA-10495   [Mac] chrome.commands API doesn´t work for page and browser action
DNA-10496   Alt+A in dialog box causes the input field to be cleared and "Ä…" letter is the only one shown
DNA-10499   Don´t enforce rules of the Favorites model in favorites.onRemoveFavorite
DNA-10503   Fixing wrong check in BrowserWindowWin::OnNativeFocusChange
DNA-10507   Crash in JumpList::FavoriteCollectionDeleted() when closing Opera having more than one window
DNA-10508   Crash in BookmarkContainerView::Layout() when opening second window
DNA-10509   Crash when disabling speed dial extensions
DNA-10511   Name and URL bookmarks in Quick Access Bar do not have length limit WP1 - Windows part
DNA-10516   Fix tab bar rendering in RTL mode.
DNA-10522   The locale repacking script should signal build errors when failing
DNA-10543   Missing user name in Sync welcome screen
DNA-10546   CORS/Cookie UID in Discover
DNA-10563   Name and URL bookmarks in Quick Access Bar do not have length limit WP3 - Windows part 2
DNA-10566   Fix tab dragging in RTL mode.
DNA-10567   Compile issue with V110, potentially uninitialized variable.
DNA-10579   Assertion failures in ThumbnailRepTestSuite
DNA-10596   Netinstall: Missing icon in the chrome bar
DNA-10599   onbeforeunload confirmation dialog is not shown when tab/window is closed by keyboard shortcuts
DNA-10603   Query string deleted after pressing enter in address field
DNA-10637   Crash on closing incognito Window in some circumstances...
DNA-10638   Support RTL in search suggestions.
DNA-10662   chrome.omnibox.setDefaultSuggestion isn´t properly displayed in UI

Known bugs

DNA-10679: Can´t change language in settings in a build that was installed with the installer)
DNA-10649: Browser also closes down if last tab is closed twice
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