Opera Developer 17.0.1241.11

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News del 07 Settembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 17.0.1241.11
Note di rilascio:

As the Opera rapid release cycle beds down, today we´re promoting Opera 17 from the Developer channel (highly experimental) to the Next channel, which is our feature-complete line and the last stage before being released to the world as the stable product.

Besides bugfixes, the highlight of things of this Opera 17 Next release:

More settings and preferences, like startup handling options, manage search engines,
Pinned tabs,
DPI aware on Windows,
Enhanced extensions APIs and possibility to hide extensions buttons.

We read all your bug reports and feedback (thanks a million for giving it to us). We´ve decided to postpone Quick Access Bar as it still needs some tweaking and bug fixing. Synchronization can´t yet be turned on while we finalise the server-side support and add support for more data types in the browser.
Of course, you will find all the feature switches in opera:flags

Opera 18 Developer should be released very soon. Besides Quick Access Bar, Synchronization, you should soon see further work in the area of tabs handling improvements, better autofill, themes, addressbar improvements and many others.

Thanks in advance for your bug reports and comments. To save some of you a little trouble, there is no Linux release of Opera 17, but there will be Opera for Linux.


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