Opera 9.6 beta 1

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News del 11 Settembre 08 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 9.6 beta 1

* Opera now remembers the bookmark panel position after restart
*Added a


toprevent bookmarks from showing in the Address field auto-completiondrop-down

* When setting


to 0, Opera now removes the transfer history when restarting

* The new Opera Scrollmaker will indicate the previous position of thebottom or top of the page after a scroll action, and needs to beenabled with


o Value 0 means: off

o Value 1 means: show when reaching the bottom or top of the page, andwhen the last scroll action scrolls less than a full page´s amount
o Value 2 means: always show when scrolling
Once enabled, it will indicate the position of the bottom or top of the page before a scroll action is initiated
* Sites using HTTP Auth are now saved in typed history
* Opera now stops loading pages with iframes when closing the page or pressing stop
* The document property has been removed from iframe objects for compatibility with Gecko, WebKit, and the Acid3 test
* The fraud protection dialog now works when using a proxy

Mail, News, Chat

* The account settings dialog can now be configured to prevent IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol) accounts from downloadingattachments until requested by a user
* Fixed open/save of images in Opera Mail when using the image context menu
* Made all top-level access points (except All Messages) selectable

Display and Scripting

* Fixed a problem where dynamically added xml-stylesheet processing instructions were ignored
* Added support for the caller property on functions:http://developer.mozilla.org/En/Core_JavaScript_1.5_Reference:Global_Objects:Function:caller


* Added Core version (currently "Presto/2.1.1") to the User Agent header

Windows-specific changes

* Fixed text input on Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005

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