Opera 9.10 build 8692 per Windows

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News del 15 Gennaio 07 Autore: RostoR
Opera 9.10 build 8692 per Windows

Rilasciata ufficialmente la release 9.10 build 8692 del valido browser Opera.


• CSS height:inherit now inherits the computed value
• Scripts in framesets now execute onload
• Applets inserted with innerHTML can now be called by javascript
• Fullscreen movies on youtube movies now start
• Fixed hang on Opera windows when starting Opera with a language file saved with mac style newlines
• An invalid system locale no longer causes missing text
• Capital letter "enctype" now doesn´t break file uploads on ie virusscan.jotti.org
• YouTube videos progress bar now updates
• Images with broken exif data now display
• Downloading a widget now only sends one GET request
• Fixed 100% CPU when loading http://
• Fixed loading of netvibes.com
• IRC /quit messages now work properly
• Loading cnn.com now finishes properly
• Transfer status on IRC improved
• Fixed crash when performing ´copy link address´ on a non-link
• Spell checking works better on debian
• Fixed crasher when trying to download a file to a full disk




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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 3.85 MB

OS: Sistemi Operativi Windows

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