Opera 25.1614.31 Beta

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News del 02 Ottobre 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 25.1614.31 Beta
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Hi all!

We are getting closer to Opera 25 stable, and here is our latest Opera 25 beta build with some more stabilization fixes and a new chromium version, 38.0.2125.66.
Please refer to the changelog for the complete list of fixes.


* DNA-23502 deleting entries in opera:history doesn’t work reliably
* DNA-25113 Chrome tabs create returns opera://startpage/#speeddial instead of opera://startpage/ when no url supplied
* DNA-25717 It’s not possible to drop file to already opened PDF viewer
* DNA-25879 Highlight showed after pressing “tab” key on the new start page doesn’t look good on the side panel
* DNA-26089 Wrong font when opening new start pages too fast
* DNA-26169 When a preinstalled folder is moved from the manager into a subfolder on the bookmarks bar, its name is underscored
* DNA-26355 Bookmark titles overflow:brutal
* DNA-26491 [Win] Name with underscores is shown when editing bookmark folder
* DNA-26496 The server tracking data file is written too early
* DNA-26531 [Mac] Allow a Global pref to set OPERA_CRASH_EMAIL
DNA-26552 [Mac] Send crash email and stream name when requesting for a crash id
* DNA-26690 Empty pending permission update for ZenMate
* DNA-26708 Enable one click installation of Amazon 1Button extension
* DNA-26710 AB testing data should be sent to server regardless of user opt-in choice
* DNA-26742 chrome.windows.create({tabId: tab.id}) not returning correct url of created tab
* DNA-26746 Bookmarks UI barfs errors to console
* DNA-26755 [Mac] When a preinstalled folder is moved from the manager to bookmarks bar, its name is underscored
DNA-26842 [Mac] Convert xliff files to xib and add them as part of packaging
DNA-27052 Fix fr-CA translation for Mac network installer
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