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News del 10 Ottobre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 17.0.1241.45
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So here we go, Opera Desktop 17 has been promoted to Final, which means that summer-backed features are now polished and available to you officially. Some highlights include:

- Pinned tabs - got tabs you want always open? Right click on a tab to pin it so you can´t accidentally close it.- Startup options - by default, Opera always starts where you finished the last session. Go to O>Settings and, in "On startup" choose between "Continue where I left off", "Open the Start Page", "Open a specific page or set of pages".
- Custom search engines - besides pre-installed search providers that Opera ships, now you can add your own searches. For example, to configure "d" to search DuckDuckGo, choose O>Manage Search Engines, and under "Other Search Engines" add "DDG" in the first input field, "d" in the second to define the shortcut and "https://duckduckgo.com/?q=%s" in the third. This tells Opera which URL to send your search query to, and "%s" is where it adds your search query. We´re working on a search field context menu option to make it even easier to do this.

For developers
Opera Desktop 17 is based on Chromium/Blink 30. New extensions APIs are supported:

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