Opera 15.0.1147.141

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News del 11 Luglio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 15.0.1147.141
Opera è un browser internet sviluppato dalla società norvegese OPera Software

Note di rilascio:

Fixes and stability enhancements since the Opera 12 series

General and User Interface
Opera 15 is a major reinvention for Opera. Going forward, the browser´s source code will be based on Chromium and Blink, a fork of the WebKit rendering engine.
Everything for this browser is new:
New rendering engine based on WebKit
New user interface
New capabilities
New features
Improved site compatibility
Silent auto updates
As Opera has recreated its desktop browser, features will be introduced selectively and iteratively.

New features

Combined address and search bar

Opera 15 combines the address and search bar, allowing for multiple predictive results that can be filtered by search engine. This bar includes options for adding current pages to Opera´s Speed Dial or Stash, and expandable page information.
Enhanced Speed Dial

Opera 15 allows you to combine Speed Dial entries into groups, and introduces a search function that filters through entries.


Opera 15 introduces Stash - a feature that records the location, meta data, and a screenshot of a page. It places this information into a collapsable list entry on the browser´s Start Page, that can be searched by keyword and/or scanned visually by screenshot.


A recommender service is included with Opera 15. Discover displays news and topical content that can be filtered by category or location/language.

Off-Road mode

Opera 15 adopts the server-side compression technology used by Opera Mobile.

Improvements since Opera 15 Next (initial channel release)

Stability enhancements
Reintroduction of mouse gestures
Improved address field behavior
Improved proxy support
Performance improvement for retina display on Mac
Support for 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and XP
Support for migrating Opera 12 profile data; see the help pages
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OS: Windows, OS X

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