Opera 12.50 Build 1577 Beta

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News del 29 Agosto 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 12.50 Build 1577 Beta

Note di rilascio:

We´ve finally got another 12.50 snapshot for you, and once again we have a new Core upgrade with a few more features (and bug fixes).

To the Core

Support for color management of images using ICC Profiles (we currently support version 4, while most other browsers only seem to support older versions)
Support for the Fullscreen API (an update to the latest version of the specification is coming)
Support for the the SPDY protocol, previously only avilable in an Opera Labs build. This build comes bundled with an extension which lets you know when SPDY is activated on sites that support it, such as Twitter
Extensions can now be added to Opera´s context menus (documentation)
Support for nested @media blocks (the first step toward CSS 3 Conditional Rules)
Support for the HTML5 "reversed" attribute for ordered lists, which, surprisingly, reverses the numbering of the list items

Keyboard Text Selection

This snapshot introduces the ability to select text using the keyboard. The default key to toggle this is F7. Once you hit F7, you should be able to move around using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Mac Keyboard Handling

On the Mac, we have fixed long-standing issues with our keyboard event handling. The most drastic change that can cause site compatibility issues is that the event.ctrlKey and event.metaKey (Command) are no longer swapped. The ctrlKey is now triggered by the physical Control key. Other events should be in line with DOM Level 3 KeyboardEvent handling.

Known Issues
Speed Dial shows up blank after autoupdate
All plugins crash on Linux/FreeBSD

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.


Keyboard text selection support (toggle using the F7 key)
DSK-139675 Fix key events on Mac
DSK-367618 Improvements to the window/tab API for extensions. Fixed window and tab creation on all platforms
DSK-366261 Extensions should respect "Open Page Next To Current" setting when creating tabs
DSK-370323 Chinese IME typing conflicts with addressbar auto-completion: Doubling first typing char
DSK-370623 "Ctrl + -" (numpad) shortcut doesn´t work
DSK-372077 100% CPU usage if system uptime is long enough and there are items in the download manager
DSK-371968 Crash on dragging a button over Speed Dial
DSK-301493 [Win] Taskbar notification overlays disabled when disabling tray icon setting
DSK-369031 [*nix] Opera crashes with "error while reading system fonts"

Color management support for images using ICC Profiles (more info)
Support for the Fullscreen API (more info)
Support for extensions in context menus (documentation / more info)
CORE-37955 Support for the SPDY protocol (more info)
CORE-47446 Allow @media rules to nest (more info)
CORE-47071 Support for Ordered List reversed attribute (more info)
CORE-28217 Support HTMLMediaElement.played
Various crash fixes
CORE-47237 Improvements to opera:cpu
CORE-38281 Infinite recursion triggered by the plugin on evaluating result of window.open call (growing memory usage)
CORE-45317 [*nix] Network latency reduces download speed on Linux
CORE-47589 Form/font misnesting closes form block too early
CORE-47830 XSLT processor throws error when variable value contains node with disabled output escaping
CORE-47769 Really long URLs/titles clog up opera:history
CORE-47920 Accessing DataTransfer of referenced copy event crashes
CORE-47849 Opera crashes on page with SVG when HWA is enabled
CORE-47833 Imgur album fails to load images
CORE-47758 select() does not select content of type=number input
CORE-47715 calling click() on invisible input type=submit without value attribute does not send a value, only name
CORE-47609 WebGL, cannot call readPixels with Uint8ClampedArray
CORE-47578 WebGL 1.0.1 - index-validation
CORE-46596 WebGL 1.0.1 - texture-mips
CORE-47676 Removing an SVG path´s ´d´ attribute doesn´t properly repaint the path
CORE-47928 Inset box shadow drawn incorrectly when border width is wider than border radius
CORE-47944 Support all selection operations on type=email input elements.
CORE-47942 Return default selection direction instead of ´none´ for empty selections.
CORE-47535 Illegal "valign" value treated as "baseline"
CORE-47581 Cutting text is broken in text input
CORE-46386 Drag and drop crash
CORE-47586 logmein.com fails to load
CORE-39035 Hang/freeze at Gigabyte Tech Zone site when dynamically changing visible select dropdown
CORE-33734 Onload is never dispatched for img elements that reference svg if the img element is created by a script
CORE-47591 Provide correct default TreatNullAs behaviour when [[Put]]ting DOMString properties.
CORE-47531 When leaving a page only the first WebSockets connection is killed
CORE-47278 Avoid missing the update fast-path for (SVG) transforms in inline SVGs
CORE-47585 event.repeat isn´t reliable (DOM3 key events)
CORE-47147 Solid border painting is slower than necessary
CORE-47655 HTMLSelect.selectedOptions only updated on changing the item for the first time
CORE-47659 Crash on selecting text in a pseudo-element and checking selection´s collapsed state
CORE-47592 Web worker crash when worker script imports 404 script content
CORE-36685 Opera should not resolve DNS locally while connecting via SOCKS proxy
CORE-38253 ContentEditable: Cannot move the selection after the last element of an element
CORE-47724 Long URLs break opera:history layout
CORE-47679 Micro optimise builtin implementation of parseInt(num, 10)
CORE-46960 Disallow leading and trailing spaces when parsing ISO-8601 dates
CORE-28084 setting location.hostname has no effect
CORE-31351 HTMLCanvasElement.getContext treated as null-terminated
CORE-45704 Node.cloneNode throws if called without argument
CORE-43923 Extension cannot access widget.preferences in private tabs
CORE-36464 Web storage quota dialog not shown enough times
CORE-44852 [Dragonfly] Unable to automatically connect debugger to non-loopback address
CORE-44898 [Dragonfly] Incorrect lines when stepping through eval´d scripts with leading whitespace/comments
CORE-47106 [Dragonfly] Change break on exception setting in ECMAScriptDebugger to only break on unhandled exceptions
CORE-47150 [Dragonfly] Two threads running in different runtimes can make return value report incorrect position
CORE-47151 [Dragonfly] Stops on unknown line when exiting attribute handler
CORE-47839 [Dragonfly] In some cases, stepping gets confused when stepping over a line that contains try/catch block

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