Opera 12.50 Build 1546 Beta

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News del 13 Agosto 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 12.50 Build 1546 Beta

Note di rilascio:

It´s been a week since the previous 12.50 ("Marlin") snapshot, so it´s time to give you an update before the weekend.

This build contains a number of crash and performance fixes, and we also made some tweaks to the page redraw settings ("First Update Delay" and "Styled First Update Timeout") which we need feedback on. Please let us know how the default values work for you, and feel free to tweak them to see the results.

We´ve fixed a few more Drag and Drop issues as well, and this build does away with prefixes on CSS3 Gradients (more on this in the developer relations blog).

Mac users on Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) will see a new Sharing menu  taking the place of the the bookmark star menu while retaining it’s features in the address field. The menu now offers sharing services such as the system´s Messages and Mail services as well as third-party providers Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is not currently available on the platform but it is still displayed in the menu. Regional localization, e.g. Sina Weibo in China, will come at a later time.

There are also a number of fixes here that are already in 12.01, but that had not been taken into 12.50 yet. This includes the crash when clicking the bookmark star in the address bar.

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.


Tweaks for "First Update Delay" (the longest we are prepared to wait for unstyled content) and "Styled First Update
Timeout" (how long we want to delay styled paints to ensure that as much content as possible is there once we paint)
Fixed several out-of-process plugin crashes
DSK-361253 Work required to get Web Handlers working (register web protocol/content handlers)
DSK-357993 [Mac] Implement share sheets
DSK-369986 Opera crashes after showing two or more pop-up blocked dialogs
DSK-369617 Add "Allow access to the clipboard" to site prefs (set access individually for each site)
DSK-370705 Crash when using HSLA in SVG stroke attribute
DSK-369822 Ctrl+Enter is not working for sending e-mail
DSK-369207 Speed Dial thumnails reload from disk when zooming/scaling is set to automatic
DSK-369987 Sound setting (Prefs > Advanced > Content) doesn´t work, and should be removed

Drag and Drop
DSK-370931 Cannot save image by dragging it to desktop on Windows XP
DSK-357573 Crash when tab goes missing
DSK-323920 Placing the address field search box from Appearance > Buttons on the Tab bar makes the tab bar unusable
DSK-369329 Scrolling textarea with mouse area while dragging text not possible
DSK-369375 When tab is dragged away from tab bar, it should return to previous position until mouse button is released
DSK-369376 Can´t drop a tab onto stack extender
DSK-370570 Dragging tab to 2nd row of tabs doesn´t work
DSK-369037 [Unix] Flip Forward causes drag state to be activated
DSK-371175 [UNIX] Plus icons never appear while dragging links, and links do not open after dropping

Several crash fixes
CORE-40431 Drop prefixes on CSS3 Gradients
CORE-47098 Speed up typed arrays
CORE-36965 Fallback content from application cache takes too much time to load on going offline
CORE-45071 Address field dropdown does not show matches for page titles or address for https pages or with no-store, no-cache
CORE-47086 Master password issues on desktop (non-latin passwords, dialog on opera:config#SecurityPrefs|UseParanoidMailpassword, honor opera:config#SecurityPrefs|PasswordLifetime)
CORE-43827 [Dragonfly] Network Inspector sometimes hides initial redirect
CORE-46953 postMessage(.., "/") origin check must be against origining script´s document.
CORE-47056 input type=month returns incorrect value in its valueAsDate property on desktop
CORE-47057 Border-radius in % doesn´t clip replaced content
CORE-46957 Improve d´n´d in contenteditable/designMode
CORE-46462 Text is not moved but copied between contenteditable elements
CORE-45741 Make range.intersectsNode(node) not throw but return true when parent of node is null
CORE-29371 Text selection: Drag and drop of a word is not possible in rich text editing mode
CORE-37556 Return statement from inner finally in nested try-finally block doesn´t yield the given return value
CORE-47074 Ordered lists should always use decimal characters for nonpositive indexes
CORE-47205 Do not eagerly load images in detached documents
CORE-47119 Rendering of negative numbers in ordered lists is incorrect when list-style-type=´decimal-leading-zero´
CORE-46067 Further improvements and optimizations of the fast path for box shadows (CORE- 45748)
CORE-47219 Tuenti shows raw code
CORE-44298 CSS files served with invalid Content-Type should only be applied in quirks mode, and only when they are same-origin
CORE-47199 Function.length does not throw when writing in strict-mode despite [[Writable]]: false
CORE-47255 Crash on mysparebrain.com
CORE-47304 Drag and drop shouldn´t be triggered when Ctrl+Alt are pressed
CORE-39527 Improve memory usage when "new (function() { });" is run in JIT
CORE-47241 Selecting between select field options starting with the same letter by pressing the letter multiple times fails
CORE-46697 Make the implementations of suspendRedraw/unsuspendRedraw(All) no-ops
CORE-47321 Panning with Ctrl+Alt stopped working.
CORE-47251 Incorrect display of inline SVG with animation
CORE-47258 Creating large WebGL canvases makes Linux systems with some Nvidia cards freeze for some seconds
CORE-47268 Add support for -webkit-background-size

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