Opera 12.10 Build 1644 Beta

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News del 31 Ottobre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 12.10 Build 1644 Beta

Note di rilascio:

Since Opera´s HQ is covered with snow it seemed about the right time to get rid of the black window bug DSK-375761. So now you can not only minimize Opera window, but also restore it back, yay! Also Ctrl+1 opens Speed Dial #1 instead of search panel, and Windows users can again type funny characters like ☺ just by holding alt and entering their number!

As title says, we´re getting close to final, so if you see some serious issue which must be fixed before that — shout now or it won´t be fixed until next release.

The build will start rolling out through auto-update within a few hours.

Known issues
DSK-376420 (Check for updates dialog cannot be opened)
[OS X] CSS transformed web fonts not displayed
[OS X] No 64-bit build for this snapshot

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.


CORE-44854 Crash when firing an event inside an external, nested <use>
CORE-43107 Crash when running html mangler for a long while

DSK-375768 Further fix to DSK-375235 (Crash on clicking Delete in Delete Private data dialog after clicking Help)
DSK-375790 Esc does not open Dragonfly console
DSK-375581 Opera crashes when window with blocking dialog is closed
DSK-352233 Opera crashes in search field with old entries
DSK-375836 Speed Dial Ctrl+X shortcuts don´t work
DSK-369985 Scroll position in history is not remembered on restart
DSK-376125 Editing a preinstalled bookmark deletes the favicon
DSK-330376 Address field on the main toolbar isn´t always updated properly
DSK-160587 Search engine editor does not allow setting encoding manually, should default to UTF-8
DSK-372493 "The address type is unknown or unsupported" error
DSK-375725 "Rewind" doesn´t work on tabs opened from links

DSK-375761/DSK-375750 Black window/UI not responding after minimizing and maximizing Opera
DSK-375966 Opera does not allow Alt+"numbers" to do symbols

DSK-366461 Remove the titlebar with themes: Hold Alt with left mouse button to move the Window
DSK-376165 Alt does not open the Opera menu: Hold Alt for half a second before releasing to avoid triggering the HUD on Ubuntu
DSK-344521 Running Opera through nohup doesn´t prevent it from closing with the terminal

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