Opera 12.10 Build 1627 Beta

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News del 17 Ottobre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 12.10 Build 1627 Beta

Note di rilascio:

As the title says, this build brings support of RFC 6555 - Happy Eyeballs to Opera!  Now Opera tries to connect to IPv4 and IPv6 hosts simultaneously and chooses whichever responds the faster. This will eliminate connection delays for in cases when IPv4 or IPv6 is slow or unavailable. Also this build fixes another NSL bug. Look after any regressions, though!

Following numerous requests at forums here and there, we fixed a few long-standing issues with navigating back and fast-forward, restoring session after powerloss situations and handling keys on some platforms.

Known issues
Regressed in previous snapshot, we know about them, no need to tell us again:
DSK-375750 (Can´t restore window if theme installed)
DSK-375770 (Black Opera window having a tab with windowed plugin active and minimizing then restoring Opera´s window)

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.


CORE-26204 IPv6 task: RFC 3484 (getaddrinfo) and RFC 6555 (Happy Eyeballs)
CORE-48979 NSL when using timed-out idle connections
CORE-39910 box-shadow not rendered when box is of 0 width and height
CORE-48864 Incorrect bounding-box for box-shadow
CORE-48950 Box-shadow with large offset is incorrectly clipped
CORE-48904 Many box-shadows will freeze Opera
CORE-48881 Navigating back in history should not scroll window to last anchor
CORE-48860 Crash when returning caret to non-existent element
CORE-48929 DocumentEdit´s inline IME may crash if initialized when there´s no caret

DSK-365429 Crash on exit when autosaving session
DSK-375314 [Lin] Shift+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab shortcuts no longer work on Linux
DSK-371646 [Mac] KeyCodes of number keys are different while holding Shift, the key property is wrong
DSK-371859 [Lin] Unix editing keys for single character actions repated twice
DSK-374069 [Mac] double @ on OS X
DSK-375566 [Lin] AltGr zooms out
CORE-48977 [Lin] Opera freezes for up to a minute, when pasting from the primary buffer (middle click) into Flash textbox and leaves a zombie process
DSK-375381 Fast forward is broken on google.com
DSK-373372 Mouse gesture forward does not trigger wand autofill
DSK-375550 Crash on installing extension if HTTP Accept Language=,
DSK-375120 [Lin] Gtk3 themes do not full update without restarting
DSK-372892 [Mac] Crash when drag and drop extension config.xml from Coda panel to Opera
DSK-365871 Progress bar serious repaint issues (when possitioned at bottom)
DSK-372345 [Lin] Tooltips and menus displayed on all Gnome/Unity desktops
DSK-277691 Remove "User JavaScript on HTTPS" activation dialog
DSK-375254 Crash when dragging stack from Window panel to tab in tab bar
DSK-371096 Corrupted autosave.win should be restored from autosave.win.bak

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