Opera 12.00 Build 1438 Snapshot

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News del 31 Maggio 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 12.00 Build 1438 Snapshot

Note di rilascio:

Stability work continues apace. Today´s snapshot has a whole host of Out of Process Plugin (OOPP) fixes, mail fixes, some drag and drop fixes, Windows 2000 installation works again, etc.

As you know the final isn´t far away now and I hope you will agree that things are starting to come together nicely. Though we do have a some more fixes in the pipeline!

Known issues

People without at least an SSE2 CPU will see painting issues (black in the user interface)

Plugins not working on Windows 2000

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.


[OOPP] Stability improvements
CT-2382 [OOPP] Accessing document.cookie from plugin initiated thread - windowless, keyboard test fails
CT-2682 [OOPP] Update plug-in timeout values to more reasonable and web-compatible defaults
CT-2690 [OOPP] NPNVdocumentOrigin returns full URI
CORE-46567 [html5dnd] MDI window dragging stops working and HTML5 DND turns on when the Window is over something draggable.
CORE-46582 [html5dnd] Allow to drag a link horizontally if it has unselectable=´on´
CORE-46623 Scrolling broken in dropdowns
CORE-46541 teamrankings.com/nfl - Sorting online table a second time hard locks Opera.
CORE-46577 Crash on mercadolibre.com

DSK-364782 [Mail] Crash on replying to a mail with an empty subject
DSK-364435 [Mail] Freeze for some users
DSK-336533 [Mail] Recent mail provider additions should use port 587 for SMTP where available
DSK-364201 [Mail] Messages are often not expanded to show the full
DSK-364059 Excessive memory use when looking at tab previews

DSK-363730 [OOPP] Crash/Freeze on changing resolution on embedded Youtube video
DSK-360746 [OOPP] Shockwave plugin will not install fully using OOPP build
DSK-361107 [OOPP] Freeze on page with Youtube video
DSK-362961 [OOPP] Opera leaves zombie plugin wrappers when crashing
DSK-363351 [OOPP] Right click on Flash invokes mouse gesture UI
DSK-364410 Opera 12 will not install on Windows 2000
DSK-363856 Crash on closing Opera for some users

DSK-360679 [OOPP] Controls doesnt show on flash video, MediaElementPlayer.js
DSK-362104 [OOPP] Dock does not reappear when opera comes back from video fullscreen mode

CT-2727 [OOPP] Pressing space to toggle play/pause on YouTube does not work quite as intended
DSK-361812 [OOPP] Plugin detection occasionally doesn´t work
DSK-364539 [Themes] Show Border option does not work
CORE-46585 Opera 12 beta crashes frequently when logging into Twitter
DSK-364559 Gstreamer Plugins need updating: WebM video corruption on Youtube
DSK-362179 Shutdown or logout of Gnome, Unity or KDE hangs due to Opera not responding

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