Opera 12.00 Build 1301 Snapshot

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News del 11 Febbraio 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 12.00 Build 1301 Snapshot

Note di rilascio:

This is an Opera 12 (Wahoo) snapshot.

As you can see from the changelog, this build introduces quite a few fixes, changes and improvements. Since there´s a lot of it, I´ll highlight a few important things below.


This Wahoo build adds support for Do Not Track, which allows browser users to opt out of being tracked on the web. It is currently disabled by default, but can be enabled by enabling the following option in Opera´s Preferences dialog: "Preferences > Advanced > Security > Ask websites not to track me"

Note that this will only work if the site actually honors the request. Few sites currently do, and the effect of DNT will have to be evaluated to see if it is a viable solution in the long run.

SSL performance

This build also introduces a first round of optimizations for faster SSL handling (CORE-41667):

- TCP optimization to eliminate roundtrips

- Improved session negotiation to save on waiting times

- Improved connection handling which improves both HTTP and HTTPS connections

- Quicker closing of connections allows for new connections at an earlier stage

- Parallelizing OCSP/CRL uses half as much time to do revocation checking

- Strict transport security improves security and will also improve speed when servers start using this feature

As an example, the first load at skandiabanken.no was reduced by one second or more. With 10 subsequent page loads, the time to open the page was almost cut in half in total.


With CORE-41784 (XMLHttpRequest Level 2 upload and progress events), we completed our support for progress events in XMLHttpRequest, for upload, download, and timeout update. This will improve the upload experience on Google services (no more Flash uploaders on YouTube and Gmail), and more sites are to follow.


There are numerous other improvements, including Core, mail and theme fixes. Take a look at the changelog for more information.

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