Opera 12.00 Build 1289 Snapshot

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News del 08 Febbraio 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 12.00 Build 1289 Snapshot

Note di rilascio:

Recently I have been working on improvements in the address field. The main UI related complaint was that Opera didn´t show the full address any more, even when there is room for it. That was true; in 11.6x versions the length was limited to around 1/3 of the address field length.

As a result, we have replaced the 3 column solution (icon, URL, title) with 2 columns. The first column contains the icon (no, not favicon yet), and the second column contains the text. This text includes the address, page title, and optional page excerpt (when the row contains information provided by history results). In cases where there is not enough space, we still cut the text.

We have also improved bolding rules, and provided new colors.

For bookmarks fans, we have further adjusted bookmark prioritization when ordering them in the drop down.

Please remember that work here is still ongoing, and further improvements are planned.

Known issues

- Further improvements to contrast and formatting are still being considered

- Favicons are not displayed and there is currently no option to bring them back

- Important parts of URLs can be cut off, if there is not enough space

- Mac: Some font rendering issues, and crashes with Web fonts

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.


- Use page title instead of page excerpt for full page search results

- Combine the URL and page content columns in the address field drop-down

- CORE-43506 (POST request for application/x-www-form-urlencoded is always sent as two packets)

- CORE-43829 (Error message when sending mail at centrum.cz)

- DSK-347472 (Opening localhost server using hostname + port number + slash fails)

- DSK-355092 (New Speed Dial dialog address field font size too small)

- DSK-356130 (Crash on starting Opera with a saved session)

- DSK-356621 (Text in Preferences -> Search configuration dialog is misleading)

- DSK-352734 (Mac: Font in new Speed Dial dialog address field cropped at the top and bottom)

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Licenza: Freeware

OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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