Opera 11.60 (Tunny) Release Candidate 2

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News del 05 Dicembre 11 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 11.60 (Tunny) Release Candidate 2

Note di rilascio:

This is Opera 11.60 (Tunny) Release Candidate 2.

This build has a small batch of fixes, including an improved fix for the address field bookmark star. This fix should be fairly safe, but let us know if you spot any regression related to the address field compared to the previous Release Candidate.


Please try to keep comments relevant, as we need to focus on critical issues that could potentially block the release. Requests, minor bugs like visual glitches, bugs that are not regressions, etc. should be posted on the next Opera 12 (Wahoo) snapshot.


- CORE-42427 Google Docs document list jumps back to top on scroll

- CORE-41305 Stops accepting input after adjusting volume on a YouTube video

- CORE-42716 ReSpec.js throws an error in Opera 11.60 and Opera 12

- DSK-351880 Changing the Speed Dial columns setting does not take effect right away

- DSK-351871 Flash installation is not initialized

- DSK-351607 Can´t connect to Yandex Mail with AUTH PLAIN

- DSK-351846 Apply paddings to address and search drop downs

- DSK-351777 Star menu disappears if you choose a custom folder

- DSK-349636 [Win] Module 10 error when uninstalling Opera and deleting user data

- DSK-330450 [Win] Crash when uninstalling or upgrading Opera while Widgets are running

- DSK-347303 [*nix] Some fonts are corrupted when displayed with antialias on and rgba set to rgb

- DSK-351875 [Mac] View dropdown menu buttons jumping on press

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