Opera 11.00 Beta Build 1055

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News del 08 Novembre 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera 11.00 Beta Build 1055
Note di rilascio:

We´re still working hard to make your Opera experience much better, it´s Saturday, it´s raining, there´s no sunshine, generally the weather is bad here in Poland today... but a bunch of new hot fixes have arrived!

First of all there´s a lot of Core fixes, and plenty of *nix fixes are also in. Next there are several Opera extensions fixes and improvements. Now you can use external repositories as your extensions auto update source. You can also install extensions from external repositories and add these addresses to white list to make your life easier next time. The extensions installer has a new look plus it shows additional info about installed extension.

For extensions developers, from now on if you drag´n´drop extension´s config.xml file onto Opera a separate list is created in Extensions Manager which is titled ´Developer mode´. Each entry on this list has additional buttons: ´Reload´ (you don´t have to install and uninstall to see the changes now, just click ´Reload´) and ´Open containing folder´ which we think can be quite useful. 

I wish you good coffee while reviewing the new changes!

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.


  • CORE-33558 & DSK-317319 to fix common crashers
  • DSK-317389 (Insecure Third Party Module warning when starting Opera (DEP/Data Execution Prevention))

  • Separate list for developer extensions plus ´Reload´ and ´Open containing folder´ buttons
  • Start extension installed via d´n´d of config.xml right away (unix)
  • ´Open error console´ button
  • DSK-315232 (Extension pop-up windows are transparent when loading)
  • DSK-316771 (Untrusted repo dialog for extensions auto update from non opera servers)
  • DSK-317907 (Extensions should not be aware of private windows)
  • DSK-317908 (Extension opens non-private tab in private window)
  • DSK-317888 (Extensions are disabled if Opera is restarted automatically after a crash)
  • PGDSK-546 (Extensions installer updates)
  • PGDSK-584 (Core strings adjustments)
  • PGDSK-584 (Extension installed or updated from 3rd party location)

  • CORE-1419 (Text boxes and Unicode combining characters)
  • CORE-8336 (opera:historysearch can´t find a word containing )
  • CORE-33472 (Crash at digg.com)
  • CORE-33452 (Crash with hidden input in frames document)
  • CORE-27828 (JS .focus() and autofocus attribute should not be respected during history navigation)
  • CORE-27152 (Unintuitive auto-completion of IDN addresses)
  • CORE-28984 (Garbage when going back in history to images with wrong mime-type in disk cache)
  • CORE-31004 (URL crash)
  • CORE-33240 (Get rid of opera:illegal-url-xx)
  • CORE-30649 (AIA certificate handling allow content specific decoding to Unicode, leading to certificate decode failure)
  • CORE-33335 (Incorrect property value transfer optimization when first instruction is jump target)
  • CORE-32722 (Incorrect cascading of properties on SVG root element)
  • CORE-33057 (Scope connection might not send handshake)
  • CORE-33948 (Memory usage on Flickr)
  • CORE-33062 (Canvas shadowBlur with clipping causes artefacts (and crash))
  • CORE-33076 (Stylesheet loaded via redirected URL uses wrong base URL for resolving relative URLs)
  • CORE-31379 (Printing from print preview results in either a freeze or corrupted page)
  • CORE-32328 (Removing both scrollbars from a scrollable container at the same time doesn´t work)
  • CORE-30891 (Freeze when scrolling on clutter-project.org)
  • CORE-32626 (Using same stylesheet as normal and alternate breaks styling)
  • CORE-32565 (Page search highlights too much text, including next line)
  • CORE-32360 (Online-HTML-Editor.org toolbar wraps)
  • CORE-16556 (Outline on table is misapplied to cell children in some cases)
  • CORE-17453 (getComputedStyle().getPropertyValue("border-style") should return "none")
  • CORE-32839 (*:first-letter wrongly applies to HTML element)
  • CORE-32372 (Crash when going back on a page with iframes and JavaScript)

  • DSK-313253 (Crash when configuring Speed Dial and checking "Hide Speed Dial")
  • DSK-314344 (Crash when double clicking install unite from web page)
  • DSK-314820 (Crash on setting language file path through the ui)
  • DSK-294521 (Doesn´t fall back to IPv4 if IPv6 connection fails)
  • DSK-313800 (Fallback to second address is very slow)
  • DSK-303654 (IME: Committed segment is temporarily duplicated)
  • DSK-304408 (IME: Only the first typed Chinese character is committed in iBus)
  • DSK-308536 (IME: Korean doesn´t work on Ubuntu 10.04)
  • DSK-314406 (IME: When input switches away from opera, opera should release the IM)
  • DSK-314419 (IME: Opera should only enable the input method when actually receiving text input)
  • DSK-315596 (IME: Overwrite all characters after cursor when inputting Chinese chars >1 before any char or word)
  • DSK-314863 (File selector opens with wrong path)
  • DSK-314869 (File selector (X11 based) does not properly display media and filter strings with a non latin1 translation)
  • DSK-315029 (Path error when loading language file on startup)
  • DSK-313828 (Dialogs create a separate task bar button when they should not)
  • DSK-313823 (WM_CLASS property is not correct for dialogs (regression))
  • DSK-314610 (Opera is not positioned correctly when using a virtual root window)
  • DSK-314430 (Apply correct skinning for the Bookmarks bar)
  • DSK-314899 (Popup menu layout does not match the selected toolkit layout)
  • DSK-315228 (Can not apply color scheme on non-skinned X11 based browser UI)
  • DSK-315020 (Empty workspace background is hardcoded)
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