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News del 06 Maggio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera (BETA) 10.54 Build 3383

  • Made resolution of out-of-sync situations more reliable (Opera Link)

  • Fixed DSK-284570 (No domain name shown on collapsed address bar) 
  • Fixed DSK-288469 (User interface becomes unresponsive after middle clicking on a link and selecting text) 
  • Fixed DSK-289395 (Text gone in appearance/toolbars section when using several old skins) 
  • Fixed DSK-292713 (Address bar searches in private mode is not using private mode context) 
  • Crash fixes

  • Fixed DSK-281885 (Mouse gestures with Right-Click incorrectly triggers context menus) 
  • Fixed DSK-288147 (IME, without hitting Enter, doesn´t work on input/textarea with key event listeners) 
  • Fixed DSK-293263 (Crash when getting icons from corrupt Opera Widget apps) 
  • Fixed DSK-295979 (Random Font Crash) 
  • Fixed DSK-296207 (Opera won´t start when other apps change Opera menus) 
  • Fixed DSK-296242 (Crash on startup with system crash logger in WidgetInitLibrary) 
  • Fixed DSK-296550 (Crash on exit/closing windows) 
  • Fixed DSK-296554 (Crash when opening or closing a Window) 
  • Fixed DSK-295113 (Opera is stealing window focus by notification popup)

  • Fixed DSK-279021 (Unable to install Unite applications) 
  • Fixed DSK-293862 (Desktop window got into weird non-drawing state)
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