Opera (BETA) 10.52 Build 3370

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News del 25 Aprile 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera (BETA) 10.52 Build 3370

UNIX Known Issues 
HTML5 video is not working 
Plugin MIME types without file extensions don´t work (broken Java) 
No printing 

Fixed DSK-291808 (Tooltip incorrectly positioned on second monitor) 
Fixed DSK-295297 (can´t change computer name in Unite setup) 

Fixed DSK-273084 (Speed dial config is unusable) 
Fixed DSK-275098 (double click popup menu does not go away) 
Fixed DSK-275317 (Trying to open a file whose file name has spaces leads to errors) 
Fixed DSK-287441 (Crash when adding plugin path) 
Fixed DSK-292263 (Font antialiasing causes texts to render badly at different sizes) 
Fixed DSK-292396 (Crash when opening widgetmanager on UNIX/Linux) 
Fixed DSK-293400 (Save Image causes crash on Ubuntu and related distributions) 
Fixed DSK-293664 (Missing 24px icons) 
Fixed DSK-294118 (Scrollbars redrawn to fit content that covered them under KDE) 
Fixed DSK-294897 (Installing a widget causes Opera to crash instantly) 
Fixed DSK-294911 (Crash when installing Unite app on 64 bit UNIX/Linux) 
Fixed DSK-294917 (Crash when trying to Open or Save using X11 only toolkit)
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