Offline Explorer Pro v2.4.902

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News del 29 Giugno 02 Autore: Steve3000
Offline Explorer Pro v2.4.902
Nuove release anche per la soluzione Professional di Offline Explorer, che aggiunge rispetto alla versione standar, opzioni avanzate per l'utente esperto: -A separate download directory for Project folders -Nested folders in Projects tree -URL macros and multiple URLs in each Project -Ability to keep old copies of loaded files -Downloading queue manager -Ability to change the directory in which to keep Projects, templates and maps -Improved Messages panel design HTTPS protocol support (for downloading from secured Web sites) -MMS protocol support (Microsoft Media Player stream files) -RTSP protocol support (Real Player stream files) -Data Mining - post processing downloaded Web site (requires external TextPipe utility) -Ability to prohibit the Internal HTTP server from being accessed from other computers -Other servers links levels feature -Automatic Export of downloaded Projects -Custom referrers, cookies and post requests -Download or Export files directly to MS IE cache -Export downloaded files sites to a plain directory with no subdirectories -Customize Contents.htm files before exporting Web sites -Additional Project description window to supply multi-line comments -Ability to print downloaded Web sites - either manually or automatically when download completes -Ability to submit any HTML form and download its results -File modification check by the size -Images dimensions filter Localizzazione anche in Italiano.Versione: 2.4.902 Data: 29.06.2002 Dimensione: 1.19 MB Licenza: Shareware (Buy $50) Compatibilità: Win All
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