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News del 15 Novembre 06 Autore: Blybly
ObjectDock 1.5
ObjectDock e' un interessante barra con grafica animata dove poter posizionare i collegamenti ai programmi più usati.1.50 release ------------ -Added support/fixes for Windows Vista. No more 'ghost' window, 32-bit icons are supported, etc.) -Added a centralized place to store all your ObjectDock images, backgrounds, and other files. Look for your "ObjectDock Library" in your "My Documents" folder. .DockZip files will attempt to extract there automatically. -Added Search options to image browser. It will search globally across your ObjectDock Library folders (under My Documents) as well as the ObjectDock program folder and subfolders. across your ObjectDock folder and subfolders. -Added "Reserve edge of screen" ability for zooming docks -Added improved zoom algorithm for smoother painting. -Added Docklet crash protection technology, which helps preventing anything from happening to your dock even if a 3rd party docklet that you've downloaded experiences a problem. -Added tabbed dock resizing help. Grabbing the resizing-edge of the dock has been made significantly easier. The resize arrow is now shown for the full area between the edge of the content and the edge of the dock itself, not just for a small border within it. -Added ability for tabbed docks to auto-switch tabs when you activate a dock with your mouse. Look in the advanced dialog to enable this. -Added - If on any kind of dock you hover over a window in a taskbar while dragging, that window will come to the foreground. -Added - In tabbed docks, if at any time you hover over the plus/minus signs while dragging/dropping, the dock will scroll for you so you can find the right spot for your entry -Added - Drag & drop onto target enabled in tabbed docks -Added - Drag & drop onto shortcuts now allowed when dropping onto an EXE. -Added - Enhanced drag-and-drop-on-targets so it behaves more seemlessly in zooming docks -Added - Tabbed docks now auto-rotate when you drag them to an adjacent edge of the screen -Added - Reloading icons when current icon package changes -Added - Ability for autohidden zooming docks to show themselves for X number of seconds before autohiding when they first load, at which point they wont autohide still unless the mouse has been moved. This helps prevent forgetting where a dock is on startup...if the computer is started while the user is away, when they return the dock will still be there until they move the cursor. -Added - The config dialog for applications (taskbar items) now allow you to drop an image file onto them to set their image, like the rest of the config dialogs in the program. -Reenabled ability for tray icons to have their original icon show small in the corner even if you've customized its icon. Click and hold a tray icon to get at this option. -and more....Disponibile anche una versione Plus a 19.95$
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware/shareware 19.95$

Dimensioni: 8.8 Mb

OS: Windows XP SP2

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