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News del 02 Giugno 04 Autore: Canaro
Ottimo software per deframmentare il proprio hard disk. Features of O&O Defrag V6 Professional/Server Edition:No limits as to the number, type or size of the hard disks. However many megabytes, gigabytes or terabytes your partitions have, if you use SCSI or IDE hard disks, if you've combined your hard disks in a RAID system - O&O Defrag gives you optimum performance, simply, quickly and safely. The O&O OneButtonDefrag technology automatically detects the optimum configuration for each system. Special support for mobile systems with our IntelligentPowerControl technology. As soon as the notebook is separated from the mains power supply, O&O Defrag changes to Pause mode. In this way, none of your battery power is used for the defragmentation, and you can use all the power for your work! When you plug in your notebook to the mains again, the defragmentation will automatically start from where it left off. Extensive reports document every action, so you can look back at the result of your defragmentation runs and create a picture of the condition of your hard drives. Complete support of new Windows XP functions (Layout.ini) and online defragmentation of important system files such as the MFT (Master File Table). Integrated STEALTH technology: Allows a much more resource-efficient defragmentation than other competitive defragmenters do - for optimized defragmentation! O&O ActivityGuard Professional: monitors the system load in periodic intervals and adjusts the resource usage of O&O Defrag V6. As the leader in defragmentation technology O&O Defrag V6 offers five optimization strategies: STEALTH, SPACE, COMPLETE/ Name, COMPLETE/Date, COMPLETE/Access. Threshold - Automatic defragmentation upon reaching a predefined fragmentation level: Allows to set up a limit to a possible degree of fragmentation. Command line interface for local defragmentation control. To MMC or not to MMC: The integration in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is now optional. Full Automation: Define and run automatic and periodic defragmentation jobs in the background that guarantee optimized system performance. Boot time defragmentation of any given file including Paging file, Registry, Master File Table (MFT) on NTFS and any other file, user-defined Integrated scheduler with enhanced options for automatic background defragmentation Unique split screen: Follow the analysis and defragmentation process of partitions at any time in the dynamically split screen. O&O Defrag V6.5 Server Edition 6.5.851 O&O Defrag V6.5 Pro Edition 6.5.851
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003 server

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