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News del 27 Agosto 03 Autore: Canaro
Questa utility dovrebbe permettere la rimozione del SoBig.F virus direttamente dal server di posta senza scaricare le mail in locale. To use NotSoBig: ================ 1) Click "Cleaning Options" to see what subjects will be tagged. You may add your own subjects to be marked for deletion, and you can click the "Update" button to get the latest list of SoBig subjects from Fresh Software should any new strains emerge. 2) Enter your POP3 login information: Mail server, username and password. 3) Click "Connect" to log in to your inbox. Once logged in, NotSoBig will scan your emails for suspicious Subjects. 4) Upon completion, the infection level will be reported. Infected emails will be marked with the red envelope icon. If NotSoBig tagged an innocent email (unlikely), double click that message to mark it as "clean". Likewise, double click any "clean" message to mark it as infected. Clean messages will not be deleted. 5) Click the "Clean" button to start deleting messages.
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 352 Kb

OS: Tutti i Windows

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