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News del 24 Settembre 03 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Nmap è una network utility dalle molteplici funzioni; la principale è quella di fare portscanning Cambi dalla versione precedente: o Fixed the problem several people reported where Nmap would quit with a "broken pipe" error during service scanning. Thanks to Jari Ruusu (jari.ruusu(a)pp.inet.fi) for sending a patch. The actual error message was "Unexpected error in NSE_TYPE_READ callback. Error code: 32 (Broken pipe)" o Fixed protocol scan (-sO), which I had broken when adding the new output table format. It would complain "NmapOutputTable.cc:128: failed assertion `row < numRows'". Thanks to Matt Burnett (marukka(a)mac.com) for notifying me of the problem. o Upgraded Libpcap to the latest tcpdump.org version (0.7.2) from 0.7.1 o Applied a patch from Peter Marschall (peter(a)adpm.de) which adds version detection support to nmapfe. o Fixed a problem with XML output being invalid when service detection was done on SSL-tunneled ports. Thanks to the several people who reported this - it means that folks are actually using the XML output :). o Fixed (I hope) some Solaris Sune ONE compiler compilation problems reported (w/patches) by Mikael Mannstrom (candyman(a)penti.org) o Fixed the --with-openssl configure option for people who have OpenSSL installed in a path not automatically found by their compilers. Thanks to Marius Strobl (marius(a)alchemy.franken.de) for the patch. o Made some portability changes for HP-UX and possibly other types of machines, thanks to a patch from Petter Reinholdtsen (pere(a)hungry.com) o Applied a patch from Matt Selsky (selsky@columbia.edu) which fixes compilation on some Solaris boxes, and maybe others. The error said "cannot compute sizeof (char)" o Applied some patches from the NetBSD ports tree that Hubert Feyrer (hubert.feyrer(a)informatik.fh-regensburg.de) sent me. The NetBSD Nmap ports page is at http://www.NetBSD.org/packages/net/nmap/ . o Applied some Makefile patches from the FreeBSD ports tree that I found at http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/ports/security/nmap/files/
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