NetProbe 0.2.1

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NetProbe 0.2.1
Rilasciata la versione 0.2.1 del programma NetProbe che consente di analizzare e monitorare reti locali. This free network monitor and protocol analyzer gives you an instant picture of the traffic situation on your network and enables you to monitor network traffic in real time, hunt down, identify, and isolate traffic problems and congestions on your network. All traffic is monitored in real time and presented to the user as a combination of tables and charts, giving detailed information about hosts and protocols, as well as an instant overview of the traffic situation on your network.Network Probe Features
  • Watch in real time which protocols are used on your network
  • Watch in real time which hosts are active on your network and the Internet
  • Watch in real time which conversations are taking place on your network and to and from the Internet
  • Watch in real time detailed protocol statistics per host
  • Watch in real time detailed protocol statistics per conversation
  • Watch in real time network card details for your network
  • Filter out selected protocols
  • Filter out selected hosts
  • Filter out selected conversationsNetwork Probe Server
  • Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Linux/Unix (administrator or root privileges needed)
  • Java 1.1.8 runtime or later installed
  • Network card with promiscous mode capabilityNetwork Probe Client
  • Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Opera with Java installedSystem RequirementsThe network probe is written in java and is client server based where the server runs on one machine and collects statistics of the network traffic, and the client runs in a java enabled web browser on another machine (or the same, connecting to localhost).Changes from version 0.2 to 0.2.1
  • Fixed a bug with data update where not all the rows where loaded
  • Fixed a bug where one entry was always missing in each table at startup
  • Fixed an IOException with the Probe on Linux when the client closed the connection
  • Fixed a problem with the Probe if a firewall or proxy was used
  • Updated port discovery to include most file sharing protocols Freeware compatibile con Windows NT/2K/XP e Linux Pagina per il download per Windows Pagina per il download per Linux
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