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News del 07 Aprile 03 Autore: Canaro
Semplice, efficente ed efficace! con questi tre aggettivi si può definire Net Transport, un download manager abbastanza simile a FlashGet e che ha inoltre la peculiarità di poter agganciare e scaricare in locale i pezzi che si ascoltano in streaming. <font size=1>Features - Up to 10 (128 by modifying registry, see "Net Transport Help") threads every job, the average bandwidth of one thread is above 1M bytes (default options settings). And up to 10 (128 by modifying registry, see Help) jobs are running simultaneously. - Inbuilt a simply but powerful file manager, Net Transport helps user to categorize and manage downloaded files with ease. Genuine catalog and directory are synchronous, one is done another is also done. - Use inbuilt "site explorer" to list site directory structure, and select some or all files in that directory to download. - Easy to check for update and download again directly. Supports proxy servers. Under multiple proxies mode, you can freely customize every thread its own proxy server to break restrictions of some site thoroughly, such as limiting one thread stream, only allowing one thread one IP. - Speed limit restricts download bandwidth, permitting user to do other Internet things at the same time without feeling any performance loss. - Monitors browser clicks (Only IE), allows user to catch URL links by several kind of manners, such as IE extended context menu, dragging links to drop zone window. - Automatically shutdowns your PC or hangs up your modem after downloads are finished. - You can move jobs up or down to adjust their priority. Customizes toolbar buttons, shown download information and user interface, including log window colors. - Localizes Net Transport only to translate all text lines into your native language. Now English, Chinese Simplified , Chinese Tradition are supported and switch to your desire language at will. - The second download tool which supports HTTP, FTP, MMS and RTSP. (First is - StreamBox VCR). Net Transport can download from Helix Server 9.0, but - StreamBox VCR cannot. - MMS supports NTLM authentication; RTSP supports NTLM and RN5 authentications.</font> <img src= align=absmiddle><a href= target=_blank>Localizzato in italiano</a>
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 800Kb

OS: Windows All

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