Net Transport 2.26

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News del 03 Dicembre 06 Autore: Blybly
Net Transport 2.26

Rilasciata la versione 2.26 di questo ottimo download manager


  • You can use the simple but powerful "File Manager" to categorize and manage downloaded files more efficiently.
  • Simple multi-user management. You can maintain several databases by logging on Windows with different username.
  • You can use the inbuilt "Site Explorer" to list the directory structure of the remote server, and easily select the desired files. FTP is the most powerful item in NetXfer.
  • FTP reuse mechanism allows you to use one connection to get different files from the same site. If you like, you can use accessory FTP client tool called "FTP Transport (FtpXfer)".
  • The "Multiple Proxies mode" allows you to assign every working thread a different proxy to break certain site restrictions, like only one connection per IP.
  • Proxies with NTLM authentication can penetrate local firewall, like Microsoft ISA 2000.
  • You can adjust the bandwidth usage of Net Transport to ensure surf at the same time.
  • Monitor browser click. And you can add links through Internet Explorer extended context menu, or drag links to the "drop zone" window, etc.
  • Net Transport can automatically shutdown the system or hang up the modem once all downloads are completed.
  • Multilingual support for the user interface. I will be glad if you help me localize NetXfer.
  • NTLM authentication is supported for both MMS and RTSP. In addition, RN5 authentication works for RTSP.
  • You can use multi-threads for both MMS and RTSP to significantly reduce the time of downloads.
  • Automatically parse streaming script such as .asx, .smi to acquire real URLs.
  • Support SSL encryption for both HTTP and FTP, which is called https and ftps. Also support one-time password to protect your authentication information. Normally password is in the form of clear text, which is easily stolen by IP packet monitor tools. Presently NetXfer is the only one can download https streaming via SOCKS5.
  • Support SSH encryption, which is hardly found in other upload/download tools for Windows.
  • The flexible "Scheduler Manager" is also most powerful item in NetXfer. Even you can record the dynamic URL according to time and save it as your desire filename.
  • In version 2, you can record the clip with range.
  • On BitTorrent protocol, you can use proxy to download, upload by UPnP.  NetXfer supports HTTP/HTTPS/UDP Tracker.

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Release Note


Net Transport 2.26 (Dec 3, 2006)


  • Rewrote: [UPnP] can run under all Windows.

  • Added the Farsi manual.

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