Net Transport 2.23

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News del 03 Ottobre 06 Autore: Blybly
Net Transport 2.23
Rilasciata la versione 2.22 di questo ottimo download managerNet Transport 2.23
  • Modified: policy of authentication info of batch tasks.
  • Added: [Schedule] new keyword "/DD-n/" and "/D-n/". They only can be used by "Customize URL". "/DD" indicates long day format, "/D" is short day format; positive "n" specifies previous days, negative "n" specifies next days. They must be enclosed by "[]", which means the keywords in "[]" will be calculated.
  • Added: [Torrent] associates with ".torrent" extension.
  • Added: [Torrent] command line "NetTransport.exe " to start Torrent service. See: adjust parameter.
  • Added: [Torrent] "Make New Torrent" feature.
  • Added: [Torrent] "Torrent upload bandwidth" feature, "0" indicates no limit.
  • Fixed: [Torrent] Net Transport can't accept the connections from BitTorrent mainline version 4.6.
  • Added: [Torrent] starts Torrent service automatically after downloading torrent seed file via other protocols.
  • Added: a COM extension method to allow you to import your desired tasks.
  • Added: [MMS] stream selection feature. Please uncheck task "Properties/Other Settings/Streaming/Optimal Image Quality" firstly, then choose your desired "Bandwidth".
  • Added: "Dial-Up Networking" feature.
  • Added: "Keep downloading if the site does NOT support resume", , uncheck to stop the tasks when this case occurs.
  • Added: "matching filename rule" feature, you can choose either "Rename", "Skip" or "Overwrite".
  • Added: menu "Fix IE context menus for NetXfer".
  • Fixed: schedule task is always running until time out. Versione UNICODE (NT/2000/XP/2003) (1,7 Mb)Versione ANSI (95/98/ME) (1,7 Mb) Localizzato in italiano
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