Net Transport 2.01

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News del 01 Dicembre 05 Autore: Blybly
Net Transport 2.01
Rilasciata la versione 2.01 di questo ottimo download managerNet Transport 2.01 (01 Dicembre 2005)
  • Fixed that NetXfer had not handled certain SMIL script.
  • Fixed that NetXfer could not get the huge chunk data via HTTP.
  • Restored a feature that you can invert the selected items of the "Select URLs" dialog.
  • Added code to save the start state for the job.
  • Fixed "Tools/When done" features.
  • Improved the very first frame for ASF.
  • Fixed a bug that changing temporary folder led you not to quit.
  • Added code to import/export the selected items in the "queue" pane, import/export the folder in the "folder" pane.
  • Fixed a fatal bug that NetXfer would be in deadlock loop when jointing ASF partial blocks.
  • Restored a feature that you can minimize main window by clicking "Close" button in the system menu.
  • Removed the "Path" field in the "Options/Download", it is enough to just change the "Directory" of root node "Job" in the "folder" pane.
  • Promoted the upload performance for FtpXfer.
  • Added "copy/paste" for scheduler.
  • Added "/file" and "/ext" keywords, which represent filename and extension.
  • Added the Slovak manual.
  • Fixed a bug that uninstalling would remove other IE toolbars of third party.
  • Issued the migration tool from version 1 to version 2.Versione UNICODE (NT/2000/XP/2003) (1,4 Mb)Versione ANSI (95/98/ME) (1,4 Mb)
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