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News del 03 Settembre 03 Autore: Canaro
Features Added Added support for copying DVD+R multi-session discs Enabled the verify function when burning UDF discs to multiple recorders A new compilation type AAC has been added for Nero Express Improved usability of Nero BackItUp The erase disc dialog of Nero StartSmart can now be minimized The "Nero" button which is on the top left of Nero StartSmart will change to "Update" if updates of the installed programs are available Implemented keyboard support in Nero StartSmart Bug Fixes Solved a problem which occurred while burning bootable CDs without any files in the ISO part The file browser is now handling empty CD/DVD-ROM and recorders correctly Solved dialog display problem under Windows 98 Improvement of verify in case of ISO Level 2 compilations with Joliet turned off Solved a problem that caused verifications of compilations failing if some unusual characters are used in the file names Improvement of displaying a correct file/folder dialog even under different view of compilation Improvement of play lists in case adding items in the audio compilation Added a new message dialog for drag & drop between two compilations DVD-Video compatibility mode is now only available for DVD-Video compilation Changed formatting behaviour on DVD+RW to be faster and not to abort burn process The Nero file browser was showing wrong content in case of CD-ROM drives The full-o-meter did not get updated after "Refresh compilation" The auto shutdown option is now available by default Ctrl+z is now working for undo operation Solved a compatibility problem between Nero and InCD4 Enabled video property selection in NE The more page panel of Nero Express will be opened non-modally if there is not enough space on the desktop. Otherwise, the Nero Express window will be resized to fit the more page Solved a problem with Nero file browser which was not taking the correct position when switched from NeroExpress to Nero In case of changing recorders, multi-session option will be correctly initialized in NeroExpress Improved NeroExpress disc title edit field Adding files bigger than 2GB to ISO compilation is not possible anymore. In this case NeroExpress allows the user to switch to UDF BackItUp: Fixed wrong text in the backup wizard NeroExpress: Improvement of displaying of non ASCII characters in the "Add file/folder" dialog NeroExpress: Fixed stability problems when using disc images BackItUp: Scheduler will now start the job at the next Windows start-up if the computer was off at the scheduled time Wave Editor: now remembers GUI customisation done by the user Wave Editor: Fixed relation between "Percentage" and "BPM" in the Time Correction dialog Wave Editor: the problem of always appearing in English is solved when started from Nero SoundTrax Wave Editor: fixed stability problems when Nero Wave Editor is started from Nero SoundTrax Wave Editor: solved a problem with audio effects which occurred under some conditions Wave Editor: improved keyboard support SoundTrax: improved compatibility with Japanese systems download update Patch italiana
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OS: Tutti i Windows

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