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News del 06 Marzo 02 Autore: fabionapoli
Aggiornato anche NTI Backup Now, un altro membro della famiglia NewTech Infosystem, sviluppato appositamente per effettuare il backup di files, cartelle ed hdd su supporti CD-R/RW.

    Queste le caratteristiche in dettaglio
  • File and folder backup to CD-R/RW - Backup and restore selected files and folders
  • Full image backup - Backup your entire drive or hard drive partition, allowing you to save all your data and Windows settings!
  • Automatic Media Spanning - Ideal backup software for large backup jobs! Backup Now! automatically spans your backup across multiple cds.
  • On-The-Fly Compression - Increase backup speed and store 1GB of data or more on a single 650MB CD!
  • Widest Array of Supported Drives in the Backup Software Market- Chances are, yours is supported.
  • Bootable CD and Floppy Creator - Create a bootable disc to ensure recovery in case of a system crash.
  • Automatic Backup Scheduler - You don't even have to be home! You can start your backup jobs anytime you like - when you're at work or while your sleeping, if you're in the shower or even walking the dog - ANYTIME! Just set the scheduler and leave your computer on!
  • Password Protect Specific Backup Jobs - For added security, you can protect your information from prying eyes. Just don't forget the password!
  • Incremental and Differential Backup - Would you want to backup everything, every time? Of course not, no one would!
  • With NTI Backup NOW!, you make your first backup of your entire system, then the next time you can choose to only backup
  • New or Changed files. Now THAT'S smart!
  • Backup in-use system files, hidden files, and even the Windows Registry - When you make a Full-Image backup you capture EVERYTHING - you can make an exact duplicate of your system and restore it to its prior state!

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NTI Backup NOW Deluxe 2.54 - immagine 4ownload trial NTI Backup now Deluxe per Windows 95/98/ME

NTI Backup NOW Deluxe 2.54 - immagine 4ownload trial NTI Backup now Deluxe per Windows NT/2000/XP

Update alla versione 2.54 per 95/98/Me

Update alla versione 2.54 per NT/2000

Autore NewTech Infosystem Inc.

Data dell'aggiornamento 04/03/2002
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