MySQL 5.5.17

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News del 23 Ottobre 11 Autore: Gianplugged
MySQL 5.5.17
MySQL è un Relational database management system (RDBMS) open source, composto da un client con interfaccia a caratteri e un server, entrambi disponibili sia per sistemi Unix come GNU/Linux che per Windows.


# Bugs Fixed : 
* InnoDB Storage Engine: This fix improves the performance of instrumentation code for InnoDB buffer pool operations. 
* InnoDB Storage Engine: Data from BLOB columns could be lost if the server crashed at a precise moment when other columns were being updated in an InnoDB table. 
* InnoDB Storage Engine: Lookups using secondary indexes could give incorrect matches under a specific set of conditions. The conditions involve an index defined on a column prefix, for a BLOB or other long column stored outside the index page, with a table using the Barracuda file format. 
* InnoDB Storage Engine: This fix corrects cases where the MySQL server could hang or abort with a long semaphore wait message. (This is a different issue than when these symptoms occurred during a CHECK TABLE statement.) 
* Internal conversion of zero to binary and back could yield a result with incorrect precision. 
* Valgrind warnings generated by filesort operations were fixed. 
* mysqld_safe did not properly check for an already running instance of mysqld. 
* The help message for mysql_install_db did not indicate that it supports the --defaults-file, --defaults-extra-file and --no-defaults options. 
* An assertion designed to detect zero-length sort keys also was raised when the entire key set fit in memory. 
* myisampack could create corrupt FULLTEXT indexes when compressing tables. 
* A linking problem prevented the FEDERATED storage engine plugin from loading. 
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OS: Windows, Linux

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