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News del 13 Ottobre 09 Autore: Gianplugged
MyDefrag 4.2.3

* Moved several more strings to the Settings.MyD file so they can now be translated.
*Fixed a bug that would prevent scripts from showing up in the scriptchooser if the script contained a macro, for example the !Include PATH!macro.
* Fixed a bug that would crash the script chooser if the user clicked an empty line in the box of scripts.
*The installer no longer offers to create a scheduled task on Windows2000. It uses the Windows "Schtasks.exe" commandline utility for that,but that utility does not exist on Windows 2000.
* Fixed a bug inthe AnalyzeOnly script where the statistics per disk were not appended,but would overwrite the entire previous statistics.
* Changed theway the window positions are saved & restored so they cannot notend up off-screen if the screen has been resized.
* Renamed WindowSize(normal) into WindowSize(restore), and added WindowSize(fixed).
*Fixed a bug where the program could enter an infite loop if pausedwhile showing the statistics. This also solves the problem of thestatistics not being filled with the numbers.
* Fixed a bug in theFastFill action where the program could go into an endless loop if agap was followed by an unmovable file and all items above the gap werebigger than the gap.
* Fixed a bug in a subroutine that is used byFastFill and SortBy, which was causing various erratic behaviours suchas unfilled gaps and files not moved to the proper zone.
* Fixed abug that was causing the program to use excessive amounts of memory andin some cases to crash with a "Memory full" error.
* Hanged the Fullpath fileboolean. It now has separate parameters for the directories and for the filenames, and is considerably faster.
* Added the DirectoryPath fileboolean.
* Renamed the !TotalDiskSpaceBytes! macro into !DiskSpaceTotalBytes!, and !TotalDiskSpaceGigaBytes! into !DiskSpaceTotalGigaBytes!. Added new macros !DiskSpaceFreeBytes!, !DiskSpaceFreeGigaBytes!, !DiskSpaceUsedBytes!, and !DiskSpaceUsedGigaBytes!.
* Fixed a bug in the script chooser that caused it to display a different description than for the selected script.
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