MyDefrag 4.1.2

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News del 04 Agosto 09 Autore: Bonovox767
MyDefrag 4.1.2
MyDefrag, conosciuto anche come JkDefrag, è un´utility di deframmentazione localizzata in italiano (che non guasta) per tutte le versioni di Windows, 32 e 64 bit.

  • Deleted the LowMemoryUsage() setting. The program no longer caches the full paths of regular files. but still caches directories
  • Added a new defragmentation algorithm, the old algorithm is now available as Defragment(Fast)
  • The list of fragmented files in the logfile will now show the count of wrap-around fragments, instead of the count of fragments
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the "MyDefrag.debuglog" file to be created even if the "-d 0" commandline parameters was specified
  • Added the SortByNewestDate() fileaction
  • Fixed a bug that prevented MyDefrag from processing files that were encrypted by another userid than the userid that was running MyDefrag
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open Source

Dimensioni: 1.60 MB

OS: Windows

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