Mozilla Weave 0.2

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News del 04 Luglio 08 Autore: Gianplugged
Mozilla Weave 0.2
Dai laboratori Mozilla la terza major release di Weave, l´addon sperimentale di mozilla per la sincronizzazione, l´integrazione e la condivisione dati di Firefox.


User Experience
  • Significant reworking of the startup experience, including a new Setup Wizard that performs account creation in chrome and allows for customization of settings.
  • Improved error detection and handling.
  • Notification dialog added to the status bar for displaying error, status and asynchronous events with or without required actions, e.g. authentication errors, notification of shares, etc.
Data Synchronization
  • Intelligent scheduler for synchronization to improve performance.
  • Expanded set of supported browser settings and metadata, including:
    • Bookmarks
    • Browsing History
    • Cookies
    • Saved Passwords
    • Saved Form Data
    • Tabs
Data Sharing
  • Initial framework for data sharing with XMPP-based notifications of shares.
Privacy And Security
  • Support for NSS, the crypto library used by Firefox.
  • End-to-end encryption, with support for secure sharing of data with a 3rd party.
  • RSA public/private keys, AES encryption.
Performance And Reliability
  • Support for retrying failed network operations.
  • New server format performs better when there are frequent changes (e.g., for history sync).

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