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News del 10 Dicembre 03 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Rilasciata dal team di sviluppo di mozilla una nuova versione stabile di questo leggerissimo client email basato sul linguaggio di programmazione XULPrincipali cambi dalla versione 0.3# Improved Look The default theme for Mozilla Thunderbird has taken a huge leap forward. The theme is about 90% complete with only a few "classic" looking icons remaining. The message list pane now shows status for reply, forward and unread as icons directly on the message envelope instead of using text. The message list pane now has a separate sortable column for attachment status on a message. The Windows animated alert has a new look and feel. It now shows the Account name instead of your server user name. # Improved Interoperability With the OS Linux: Thunderbird properly dispatches browser URLs to the default browser. Read more about how to hook this up. Mac OS X: Added a Windows menu which makes it easier to manage open Thunderbird windows. The menu bar behaves correctly after closing all open windows. Mozilla Firebird and Thunderbird can be run at the same time with out the two builds interfering with URL dispatching between applications. Windows: Thunderbird can be set as the default mail client and/or as the default news client. # New Features Windows users can copy and paste images (including screen shots) from the Windows clipboard into HTML mail compose. Only mark a message as read when it has been open in the preview pane for a configurable number of seconds. More options for customizing toolbars the way you want them. Enchancements include: a mark button in the main mail window and copy/cut/paste icons in mail compose. Profile Migration from Netscape 4.x has seen a lot of improvements. A Palm Sync Address book conduit extension is now available for Thunderbird 0.4. POP Accounts now support aging on the server. # Recently Fixed Bugs No more new mail alert notifications when the incoming messages are Junk. The progress bar now appears in the mail 3-pane window when reporting progress for operations like downloading new mail or a message body. Auto Proxy URLs now work. POP Accounts: "Click here to download the rest of the message" now works. POP Accounts: A new filter action to delete a message from POP3 server if messages are left on the server by default. Junk Folder Purging works on all accounts and not just the first one. If you configure a mail server to use secure authentication but the server does not support it, Thunderbird no longer silently falls back to insecure authentication. Thunderbird brings up an error dialog and refuse to connect to the server. News error dialogs no longer hang the application. HTML Anchors in messages work. When threads are sorted by date, Thunderbird sorts by the newest message in the thread.
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