Mozilla 1.1 Alpha Released

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News del 13 Giugno 02 Autore: Capoccione
Mozilla 1.1 Alpha Released
Nuova versione in fase Alpha per questo famoso Browser! What's New In This Release Download Manager has been enabled (with many improvements) for the 1.1 Alph arelease. Mozilla now takes advantage of Quartz rendering for users of Mac OS X 10.1.5 Viewing HTML mail messages as plain text is new. Quote original message has been implemented for 1.1a We have new layout performance enhancements targeted at DHTML. There have also been performance enhancements for the application startup speed. Viewsource for MathML and view source for selections have been implemented. Mozilla now has support for the display of XBM images. Autocomplete in the addressbar has an improved sort order. Browser tabs now close left to right (they used to close right to left). The cross-plaform File Picker now has a button for creating a new directory. Redundant backup of preferences files has been implemented in 1.1 Alpha. Mozilla's drag and drop support has been greatly improved. Image blocking for Mail & News has been implemented. Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP
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