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News del 26 Ottobre 03 Autore: Luke
Nuovo aggiornamento per MotherBoard Monitor, ottimo programma che permette di monitorare svariati parametri delle schede madri quali temperature, voltaggi e regimi di rotazione delle ventole. Questi i cambiamenti apportati con la nuova versione:Added:
  • Winbond W83647HF (thank you Winbond)
  • Increased support for the EPIA boards (VT1211) thank you VIA Germany and
  • Configuration wizard, the reason for the increase in size of the d/l
  • Special dump on the system info tab used to add your board to the config wizard for other users. wm_pause and wm_resume message (see help file advanced - messages)
  • Priority function added to the starter.dll
  • SetPath function added to the starter.dll in case you plan on running it as a service and it has no access to HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the reg.
  • 2nd CPU temp on GA-7DPXDW+ which uses 1 LM90 for 2 CPU's (big thanks to Tim South for keeping at it)
  • templist.ini added, with this you can enter your own temp table, see the help file advanced section Fixes:
  • installer would always recommend C:program files even if your program files was on another drive, this should be fixed
  • autohide dashboard did not always work 100% when you had the dashboard set to start with MBM
  • problem with e-mail test button
  • dual monitor and OSD, the slided will now allow you to select a position on the left monitor
  • problem with ADM1030 fan speed (Charles Xuereb)
  • the LPC47xxx group of fans should respond better to the do not reset sensor chip option
  • ITE range of sensors fan sensor 3 dividor problem fixed (thanks Anthony Smith) Changes:
  • installer offers to start MBM after install
  • installer will offer (checked) to start the help file if it's a new install
  • installer will offer (unchecked) to start the help file if it's an update install
  • ICH4-M auto enabled
  • English language file (thanks Wesley Chung)
  • fantemplist.ini has been changed, you now need to make a file for each fan you want to base a a temp sensor on, so fantemplist1.ini if you want to use fan1, fantemplist2.ini if you want to use fan 2
  • fantemplist increased to 16 Voltage.ini
  • GA-8IPE1000Pro
  • SOYO DRAGON KT400 (VTech)
  • GA-8KNXP (MeanGene)
  • EPoX 8RDA/8RDA (Valery Shatunov)
  • Elite L7S7A2 (Willem Schaaij)
  • Biostar M7VIG PRO (Chris Christo)
  • Asus A7V8X-X (Willem Schaaij)
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