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News del 22 Agosto 03 Autore: Luke
Nuovo aggiornamento per Motherboard Monitor, ottimo programma che permette di monitorare svariati parametri delle schede madri quali temperature, voltaggi e regimi di rotazione delle ventole. Novità in questa versione:Added:
  • Via VT1211 support enabled only via installer or advanced section of ini file (Epia board)
  • ADM7460 support (thanks Eric Iwill)
  • W83627HF & ADM7460 combo support used on Iwill DPI533, see board page for info (thanks Eric Iwill)
  • W83627HF & ADM1030 combo support used on IWill DP533-S, see board page for info (thanks Jason Sherman)
  • SMSC EMC6D100 support (thanks Jean Delvare lm_sensors)
  • SMSC EMC6D101 support (thanks Jean Delvare lm_sensors)
  • SMSC EMC6D102 support
  • W83627HF & SMSC EMC6D102 combo support used on MSI 9126 (thanks Tamas)
  • New revision of the LM85 (thanks Tamas)
  • Option to ignore the VIA686 on some boards via the ini file
  • Improved ITE scanning for better ITE7xxx detection
  • Dashboard now has a 4th option, autohide, works very neat especially when docked in a corner Fixes:
  • If not dialog box and you do have a wave, it's no longer looped
  • syslog won't crash mbm if lan connection gets terminated
  • 12 voltage showing wrong with digital VUM selection
  • error in documentation of the MBMStarter.dll Changes:
  • Installer converted from Wise to Inno setup 4.05beta
  • updated the license a bit so free company use is allowed as long as you stick to the license
  • You can now create your own filenames for all log files
  • because of the above the 8.3 ftp option is removed
  • cpuspeed code (thanks Tamas)
  • Moved the VIA686 detection down the list to avoid it being detected when there is a normal smbus chip Voltage.ini
  • SB61G (Dave Cunningham)
  • EPoX 8RDA3+ (techsage)
  • ASUS P4S533-E (Joseph R. Sillup)
  • Abit IC7/IC7-G (Saru San)
  • Aopen MK7A (Chris Cristo)
  • Aopen MX3S-T (Chris Cristo)
  • MX3SP-T (Chris Cristo)
  • Epia Ezra
  • Epia Samuel 2
  • GA-8SQ800ULTRA (Andrew)
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    Licenza: Freeware

    Dimensioni: 1.7Mb

    OS: Winall

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