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News del 23 Maggio 11 Autore: Gianplugged
Miro 4.0
Miro è un lettore multimediale open source e multipiattaforma sviluppato dalla Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF).


* New features
- (all) history page ... what did I just play?
- (all) Offer to add iTunes music library as a watched folder
- (all) extension system
- (all) Add a menu item to ´Import Media´
- (all) add shuffle/repeat playback options
- (all) Add autodownload configuration in options
- (all) Impossible to delete a video without mouse during playback
- (all) copy video url should always be active
- (all) Add support for magnet links
- (all) move download stats to bottom of view
- (all) Video controls look disabled
- (all) extend context menu for items for copying url
- (all) select urls from feed settings dialog
- (all) Add option to detect audio files in first time startup
- (all) add a watched / unwatched filter option to feeds
- (all) no way to clear last search result
- (all) Remember Last Tab/Sort Order/Scroll Position in Media List/Sidebar
- (Linux) app indicator support
- (all) Support Amazon Download Store
- (all) IPv6 capability
- (OS X) new volume slider
- (all) no matches in a view should show "no matches"
- (all) remove -git checking; add app.debugmode
- (all) build regression test system for feedparser
- (all) Make transfering to portable music player easier
- (all) Implement top-level Podcasts tab
- (all) Create widget for ´rating´ metadata
- (all) add dev menu
- (all) edit item properties in bulk
- (all) arrows for song skipping, spacebar for play / pause
- (all) new ´Stores´ sidebar section
- (all) Miro Connect screen design
- (all) New Item details Pane
- (all) save crash reports to a file on disk near the log files
- (all) global preferences for showing / hiding podcast content in library tabs
- (all) add Android Market as a default Store in sidebar
- (all) add "see crash report" button to crash reporter dialog
- (Linux) Make download/cancel feel faster
- (all) Improve sort performance
- (all) Add DHT support to Miro
- (Linux) no conversion - copies should have their own queue
- (all) make optional miro guide open on default
- (all) implement Import Media
- (all) default stores, source, podcasts 

* Bug fixes
- (all) Security Audit of Launching external player
- (all) relative links fails to resolve.
- (OS X) complete *.divx file support
- (all) thumbnail generations retries to generate thumbnails on items where it previously failed.
- (OS X) Dragging metal area does nothing
- (OS X) Miro treats *.iMovieProject files as folders
- (OS X) Get Error Changing Movies Directory. You don´t have permission to write to the directory you selected.
- (Linux) Miro causes a lot wake-ups while idle
- (Windows) On windows vista, runs first time setup screen everytime it is launch. (doesn´t retain settings)
- (OS X) Miro dock icon counts, but Miro does nothing else
- (Windows) Main window stops responding
- (all) Expandable/Collapsable Sidebar Sections
- (Windows) Miro prevents Windows shut down
- (all) implement navigate with arrows
- (OS X) Paused Videos prevent the system from starting the screensaver
- (all) There´s no copy and paste. Makes it hard to add a channel from something you find within Miro
- (Linux) Video playback is squished after disabling dual screen
- (Linux) setting HOME environment for running in test sandbox variable causes problems
- (all) add items to playlists dynamically
- (Linux) (r8952) resizing of options dialog
- (all) Differentiate between feeds and watchfolders
- (OS X) Can´t terminate Miro upon crash through trick dialog
- (Windows) Crash when replaying a video repeatedly, each time resuming where left off
- (Windows) Installed 2.0 over 1.2 - videos in folder being watched all appear twice
- (Linux) Accessibility: font size too small on 2.0.1 (r9185)
- (Linux) ABC World News videos are always dowloaded twice
- (all) remove single_feed code from codebase
- (all) crash when Miro can´t write to movies directory
- (OS X) No Growl Notifications
- (Windows) Miro freezes when we use Playback > Stop menu item, when playing .wmv video files
- (OS X) Crash when guide has bad unicode characters.
- (Linux) Miro Crashes Immediately When Playing Video
- (OS X) Can´t play Ogg Theora videos
- (OS X) miro hangs when switching subtitle track on mkv file
- (all) "Contents appear in the library" duplicated when feed description edited.
- (Windows) SSL certificate problem
- (OS X) qt_extractor.py redundantly run?
- (OS X) memory leaks on OS X
- (all) fold ADOPTERS into CREDITS
- (all) Get rid of psyco on Mac
- (all) Large watchfolders may introduce unnecessary stall/delay
- (Linux) resume not working under certain circumstances
- (all) newly downloaded database view is broken, breaks Mac OS X unwatched count in dock
- (all) give indication of time remaining for sync to complete
- (all) Don´t upsize conversions
- (all) Miro stops and reports error when incomplete frame encountered on conversion - should ignore it.
- (Windows) crash after trying to play locked .m4v files from itunes store
- (all) remove adopt-a-line bits
- (OS X) Race with QuickTime implementation
- (all) write unittests for ffmpeg/ffmpeg2theora output processing
- (OS X) NSMallocException allocating 32 bytes for CFString
- (all) bulk sql manager errors due to incorrect exception handling
- (all) Infinite recursion in threading.py
- (all) implement test skipping
- (all) upgrade to libtorrent 0.15
- (all) httpauthtools crashes on invalid input provided by server
- (all) context menu reorganization
- (all) prefpanel textbox entries behave poorly
- (all) sidebar overhaul
- (all) When to resume
- (all) add "Add a Watched Folder" menu item to Sidebar menu
- (all) fix fastresume data saving
- (all) crash opening preferences, can´t determine number of cpus
- (all) --failfast support for unit tests
- (all) feedparser dies if entry has thumbnail, but no enclosures
- (all) fingerprint has been MR 1.1 for years
- (all) Support all OGG related mime types and file extensions
- (all) Miro should treat HTTP and HTTPS YouTube URLs equally
- (all) description should never say "Local Files:"
- (OS X) line break in pasted text makes podcast subscription fail
- (all) miro doesn´t handle HTTP 100 Continue for posts
- (all) ´Ok´ not OK!
- (Windows) Playing files without association externally gives exception
- (all) Crash when feed points to a non-existing file on network share
- (all) change default main window size
- (all) MiroMovieData.exe crashes
- (all) beta channel
- (all) remove "podcast can´t load" dialog
- (all) Can´t save mp3 after purchasing in amazon mp3 store
- (Windows) Wont play 720p .MKV files
- (all) first time startup dialog changes
- (all) faux language
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