Miro 3.5.1

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News del 07 Dicembre 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Miro 3.5.1
Miro è un lettore multimediale open source e multipiattaforma sviluppato dalla Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF).


  • New features
    • bz:11491 (OS X) Play gvi Google Video format media
  • Bug fixes
    • (all) Updated translations
    • bz:14804 (all) Some files downloaded from YouTube unplayable in Miro
    • bz:15074 (all) Licensing issues with ffmpeg
    • bz:15077 (all) Miro doesn´t remember list view for library tabs
    • bz:15079 (all) Miro 3.5 may not play some .mkv files
    • bz:15144 (all) update all wiki urls
    • bz:15198 (all) Downloader doesn´t shutdown when main process hangs
    • bz:15226 (all) Bad Spanish translation: "Error-Archivo no ecotrado"
    • bz:14490 (Linux) Play button sometimes fails to do anything
    • bz:14924 (Linux) Files in unsupported formats silently skipped
    • bz:15119 (Linux) media keys handling is wrong
    • bz:15137 (Linux) Video converter does not coerce child window dimensions to integer
    • bz:15150 (Linux) Error when playing movies that haven´t been checked
    • bz:15151 (Linux) Error when deleting newly-downloaded video
    • bz:15152 (Linux) Crashes in frontend thread not getting sent to the error dialog
    • bz:15156 (Linux) Changing play in miro while playing causes error
    • bz:11578 (OS X) miro crashes on launch on Mac OSX when user home dir contains non-ascii chars (ex: Björn)
    • bz:12659 (OS X) can not install in a path with non-ascii charaters
    • bz:14428 (OS X) matroska files fail conversion
    • bz:14986 (OS X) Crash with unicode error when trying to play
    • bz:15217 (OS X) Crash when quitting during playback error
    • bz:12538 (Windows) Miro randomly crashes after finishing video playback
    • bz:14973 (Windows) in ask_for_http_auth ValueError: Scheme not present in auth header: NEGOTIATE,NTLM,BASIC realm="stuproxy"
    • bz:14994 (Windows) "application configuration incorrect" error preventing miro startup
    • bz:15064 (Windows) Incorrect video remaining duration displayed
    • bz:15168 (Windows) log windows version
    • bz:15185 (Windows) Preferences dialog will not open if Windows font path is not C:WindowsFonts
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open source

OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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